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5 Differences Between Garbage Removal Companies and Junk Haulers

October 19, 2018.

If you’re planning a big cleanout project for the first time, you may be wondering about the differences between local garbage removal companies and a professional junk hauler. While both technically remove things from your property you no longer want, having a bit of basic knowledge regarding their differences can help you make the decision best suited to your unique needs.

1. Bulk Pickup: Garbage Removal Companies vs. Junk Haulers

Your local department of sanitation likely offers a handful of special programs designed to help citizens rid themselves of nontraditional garbage. These can include everything from lawn debris to old appliances, all things you’d typically call in professional junk haulers to manage. Often low-cost or free, these programs can be appealing if you’re on a tight budget. If you’re on a tight schedule, though, they’re often more trouble than they’re worth. Depending on demand, local ordinances, and sanitation department policies, you may need to make an appointment days or even weeks in advance. You’ll also be responsible for ensuring the bulky items you’re trying to dispose of fit within the guidelines set forth by garbage removal companies, while also adhering to any special handling rules.

Because these programs are almost always curbside-only, you’ll also need to make sure you have the physical strength and the necessary help to move a large item from your property down to the curb within the appropriate timeframe. Programs are often limited in scope as well, which means you won’t be able to get rid of just anything this way.

2. Recycling and Repurposing

When you get rid of items via regular trash pickup or special sanitation programs, recycling efforts may only extend to the legally required minimum. Items like mattresses and old furniture will typically end up in the landfill because recycling programs for these kinds of items are relatively rare and not often used by municipal programs because they tend to be community-based efforts.

What about all the things you no longer want or need but which still have years of useful life ahead of them? Chuck them into the garbage, and they’re likely going straight to the landfill with no consideration for their condition.

Working with eco-conscious and ethically-minded junk haulers allows you to ensure a greener and more responsible system for junk removal. Our expert Jiffy Junk technicians, for instance, will separate all waste we pick up to ensure usable items find new life through charitable donation. This allows you to remove items you no longer need while simultaneously contributing to your community and helping to minimize landfill impact.

3. Large-Scale Jobs

While garbage removal companies typically focus on household waste along with a selection of special removal programs, there are times when even household waste is too much for a municipal sanitation company.

Hoarding cleanups and estate cleanouts, for example, can generate a substantial amount of what would typically be considered household waste. Since most municipal sanitation departments do have limits in place for how much can be set out for regular weekly collection, you may find yourself in a difficult spot if you’re dealing with more waste than normal. This is where a full-service junk removal and waste management company can really save the day. In addition to collecting atypical waste like furniture and electronics, full-service companies can also provide high-volume pickup for household waste.

4. Legal Compliance and Ethical Concerns

Just because you can fit something into a weekly pickup bin doesn’t necessarily mean it belongs there; in fact, it may even be illegal. The problem, though, is that you likely won’t have contact with regular sanitation workers to verify whether something can or cannot be legally discarded in such a manner.

Unless you have the time and energy to research state, local and federal laws about what you can and cannot set out for weekly pickup, you run the risk of inadvertently breaking those laws while also posing a risk to your local environment. Working one-on-one with experienced professionals allows you to avoid accidental illegal activity while ensuring hazardous materials don’t end up leaching into groundwater or otherwise wreaking havoc with the local ecosystem.

5. Construction and Demolition Debris Policies

With few exceptions, most municipal sanitation services will not accept any kind of construction and demolition waste unless it’s bundled appropriately and appointments are made in advance. Even then, the types of debris they’ll accept can be limited in scope. For home and business owners who are acting as their own general contractor or working with smaller companies who don’t offer comprehensive C&D waste removal, this can present a very real issue.

Accumulated waste and debris aren’t just an impediment to getting the job done quickly; they are also a safety hazard. The more cluttered a work area becomes with castoff materials or demolition rubble, the more hazards are introduced. The last thing you want to deal with is the potential for liability resulting from injuries on your property. Whether you need a one-time pickup or recurring pickup, a high-end junk hauler can provide quick, hassle-free removal.

Making Quick Work of Any Mess

At Jiffy Junk, we’re committed to providing our customers with the very best in full-service, white-glove removal while working to make ethical, sustainable and charitable disposal choices. Because we’re a full-service company, you also never have to worry about doing any of the manual labor or heavy lifting.

Whether you need a single truckload of debris removed or a recurring cleanup service for massive projects, we’re here to help. We’ll do all the sorting, transporting usable goods to local charity donation centers, and seeking out traditional and nontraditional recycling options to keep our landfill impact as small as possible. This means you get to reap the benefits of easy, stress-free waste management with a single phone call, all while knowing you’re making responsible environmental and social decisions.

Don’t spend days chasing down local municipal programs or researching applicable disposal laws to keep yourself out of hot water. Make one phone call, and we’ll be there in a jiffy.

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