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8 Crazy Reasons for Dumpster Rental in Broward County, Florida

October 12, 2018.

Are you planning a big project sure to yield lots of waste? If so, you’ve probably considered dumpster rental. Broward County residents trying to navigate post-storm cleanup efforts, estate management after the loss of a loved one, hoarding cleanup, or even just a good spring cleaning to reclaim livable space have a number of waste management options at their disposal, but is dumpster rental always the best option? Before you settle on a system for getting rid of waste, it might be wise to consider all your options by looking at some of the crazier reasons for full dumpster rental.

  1. Storm Cleanup–Big storms are no laughing matter, and Broward County is no stranger to crazy weather in the form of tropical storms and hurricanes. When dangerous weather conditions pass, a storm can leave literal tons of downed trees and shrubbery, rubble from damaged buildings and other waste scattered in its wake. Municipal services typically work overtime in the weeks or months after a major weather event, but it’s not uncommon for residents to face long waits and difficulty obtaining service. Renting a dumpster can seem like the quickest and most efficient route, but it isn’t always the case.
  2. Construction and Demolition–Whether it’s repairs after one of the aforementioned crazy storms or just remodeling and updating, construction and demolition generate a lot of waste. A general contractor will usually manage waste as part of the job, but what do you do when you’re acting as your own general contractor or you’re working with service providers who don’t offer waste management? It may seem like a no-brainer to schedule dumpster rental. Broward County property owners who choose this route are responsible for making sure they adhere to all state, local and federal disposal laws, though.
  3. Hoarding–Few things are as stressful or as heartbreaking as a hoarding situation. Renting a dumpster may seem like the only feasible course of action for such a big job, but there are alternatives that can help to speed the process while minimizing the pain suffered by someone who struggles with hoarding impulses. If you or someone in your life has reached a breaking point with hoarding tendencies, the sense of urgency felt by everyone involved can make it difficult to plan effectively. This is one situation that can often be improved by working with a team of dedicated experts.
  4. Rental Nightmares–Investment property can generate great revenue streams with minimal overhead, assuming you’re working with quality renters. In sought-after tourist destinations like Broward County, however, short-term renters out for a weekend of wild partying can make for some crazy cleanup when the dust settles. Short-term renters aren’t the only ones who can leave landlords facing crazy rental nightmares, either. Even long-term tenants can leave a trail of disaster through a rental property, particularly if they were evicted or left under less-than-ideal circumstances. Calling in a dumpster to deal with the fallout may be your first instinct.
  5. Investing in Foreclosures–While it can feel a bit crazy to make a profit off other’s misfortune, there’s no denying that big money can be made by buying and selling foreclosed properties. There’s also a lot of cleaning to arrange in most cases, because people aren’t typically cautious as they’re vacating a property they’ve lost to foreclosure. From spoiled food left in disconnected appliances to personal belongings and items in perfectly usable condition, there’s no telling what you’ll find in a foreclosed property when you assume possession.
  6. Estate Management–The grief of losing a loved one can often pale in comparison to the stress and anxiety of trying to manage what’s left behind if you’re in charge of handling their estate. Once the beloved family mementos and cherished trinkets are removed from a home, there’s often decades of accumulated stuff no one wants and no one feels good about throwing in the trash. Renting a dumpster to chuck it in may seem like the quickest way to go, but you’re forced to feel the guilt and shame of throwing away things that once belonged to someone you love.
  7. Moving–When you put together your moving to-do list, you probably never imagined you’d need a dumpster, too. Discovering you have loads of unwanted or unusable stuff cluttering your living space can be crazy enough; figuring out how to dispose of it all can be downright stressful. Moving is a frantic proposition, so it’s always a good idea to look for the quickest and most painless route for things like large-scale disposal.
  8. Environmental Missteps–While the Osborne Reef cleanup efforts in Broward County likely didn’t rely upon dumpster rental to remedy the well-intended environmental disaster consisting of thousands of old tires thrown into the ocean, smaller-scale environmental mistakes happen every day. When they do, should you take matters into your own hands, or should you work with professionals who are prepared to make quick, ethical work of even the most unique and demanding projects?

Alternatives to Dumpster Rental: Broward County

Renting a dumpster means you’ll have to have adequate space for drop-off and retrieval, then ensure you’re following all applicable disposal laws. Chucking everything you’re legally allowed to throw in a dumpster also presents another conundrum: how can you get the most for your dumpster rental money without having an enormous environmental impact?

At Jiffy Junk, we’re experts in helping Broward County residents get rid of even the craziest items with no judgment and no hassle. Because we’re dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint anyway we can, we’ll separate items for you as we remove unwanted belongings. Anything in usable condition will be donated to local charitable organizations, then we’ll work to find recycling options for anything else. Everything you tip into a dumpster goes straight to a landfill, but our expert technicians actively avoid landfills whenever possible.

We also provide the very best in white-glove service, which means you’re never on the hook for any manual labor or heavy lifting. We’ll come to your home or place of business to remove anything from old appliances to renovation debris, and everything in between. Don’t deal with the hassle of dumpster rental, call today for quick, ethical and efficient disposal for even your wildest needs.

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