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Appliance Recycling in Nassau County

August 5, 2016.

Appliance recycling isn’t always as straightforward or convenient as it could be in Nassau County. For instance, the Town of Hempstead rules and regulations limit the type of vehicle you can use to haul with, the height of the loads you can carry, etc.  And wherever you live on the Island, if you leave appliances out for pickup, you risk getting a citation if they pose a health or safety risk. Refrigerator doors, for example, must be removed to prevent a child from accidentally being trapped inside while playing.

Special pickups, only on certain days, are available for appliances and other items, which don’t always fit your schedule. You’d like to keep your property looking clean and avoid the unsightly appearance of large collections of waste at the curb, not to mention being liable for injury to persons or damage to property if something tips over while it’s awaiting pickup.

Environmentally Responsible Appliance Recycling

Homeowners, you want to enjoy the excitement of getting that new refrigerator for your kitchen. Property managers, you can’t afford to have discarded appliances piled up outside your rental units. They create an eyesore as well as a safety hazard.

In any case, you want to know that getting rid of your old appliances will be done quickly and responsibly, via proper appliance recycling.

Jiffy Junk is just what the doctor ordered. We offer courteous, prompt and professional appliance recycling throughout Nassau County. From Woodmere to Woodbury, we’ve got you covered when you need waste hauled away in a jiffy.

Save Your Back, and Save Time

You don’t need to struggle with bulky, heavy appliances. Why scratch your floors, wrench your back and waste your gas hauling off appliances yourself; or sit around waiting, on someone else’s schedule? You can book with us and have it all out of your hair when you want it gone. We can often be there the same day if you’re in a big hurry.

At Jiffy Junk, we understand that Islanders appreciate their neighborhoods and care about the environment. You also value your leisure time, as scarce as it tends to be at times. So when you’ve got an appliance for recycling, you want it done fast and responsibly. We’ll handle it for you in a New York minute.

Jiffy Junk uses recyclers who remove hazardous materials from appliances that can harm the environment. Appliances that can be refurbished or reused will find a new home at one of our donation centers, on your behalf. If you’ve got a washer or dryer, stove, dishwasher, air conditioner or other appliances for removal, our junk hauling crew will treat you with respect, and your property and waste with care.

Contact us today and schedule a free no-obligation estimate or book us online. Our appliance recycling service is at your disposal, pun absolutely intended. We also provide construction site clean-up, furniture and carpet removal, estate cleanouts in Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens. Whatever size job you’ve got, we can handle it at a competitive price and on a schedule convenient to you.

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