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Austin Junk Removal & Hauling on Your Schedule

April 14, 2020.

We’re all spending more time at home than ever before, and with this comes the chance to confront projects around the house we’ve been avoiding. Maximizing livable space and cutting clutter can actually be necessary under these extraordinary circumstances. Sheltering in place is difficult in the best conditions, but can be downright unbearable in a cluttered, chaotic environment.

When you’re ready to eliminate the source of so much anxiety and stress, waiting around for Austin Resource Recovery may not be feasible. Exploring your junk removal and hauling options doesn’t have to be its own stressful experience. Armed with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision, you can finish up those projects on your terms.

Exploring Your Junk Removal & Hauling Options

You need a clean space, but you also want to do what’s best for the environment. With a Zero Waste by 2040 goal and an array of greener initiatives, the City of Austin’s own municipal waste management services may seem like the most sustainable choice. Scratch the surface, though, and you may find it’s not as green — or as convenient — as you might imagine.

First, Austin Resource Recovery only provides bulk pickup twice per calendar year, and on their schedule. This means you’ll either have to hope your next special collection week happens to line up with your project timeline, or you’ll have to wait for what could be months until your next chance. Before you start investing too much time and energy into trying to make the scheduling work, you may want to look at some other factors.

For instance, there’s the environmental angle to consider; the vast majority of waste collected during bulk pickup week makes its way straight to the nearest landfill. Despite a Zero Waste goal, only metal items, appliances and passenger vehicle tires are taken to recycling facilities. This means items in usable condition, like furniture and household goods, are discarded in the landfill. In one fell swoop, items are removed from the community when there are many who could benefit from them, and the landfill is impacted significantly.

When weighing your options, you’ll also want to keep restrictions and regulations in mind. Austin bulk pickup week is specifically intended for items too large to fit into a container, and any bagged or binned waste will simply be considered extra trash and subject to extra fees. If you have a high volume of small items, municipal bulk pickup may not be much use to you at all.

All Austin Resource Recovery programs are curbside-based, so you’ll have to be capable of lugging that heavy furniture or endless stream of debris out of the house and up to the curb yourself. Social distancing practices mean those who live alone shouldn’t enlist the help of friends or family outside of their own household, so just sorting and positioning waste can be a serious challenge. Once your items are at the curb, they must be separated into three distinct piles, but also be at least five feet from any parked vehicles, utility meters and connection boxes, walls, fire hydrants, mailboxes and low-hanging tree limbs.

Taking a step back and surveying the big picture when it comes to Austin’s municipal junk removal and hauling program makes it easy to see that, in many circumstances, it is inefficient, environmentally damaging and not very accessible. So what options are you left with when it’s all said and done? DIY hauling means breaking the social contract to leave your property, leaves you responsible for all the manual labor and can be a health risk in the current climate. Working with a private service that specializes in junk removal and hauling with an emphasis on health, safety and environmental responsibility may be not just your best option, but also your most readily available.

How Private Hauling Makes a Difference

You’re at home and capable of working on things now, and it’s hard to tell what the future holds. You can’t wait weeks or even months for the next opportunity to toss all this clutter; you need disposal on your schedule.

At Jiffy Junk, we understand just how important a clean space is for your peace of mind. This is true under normal circumstances, and it’s particularly vital when you’re spending every moment at home. Our experienced and knowledgeable removal technicians make it easy to remake your living space into something more comfortable, all while minimizing your environmental impact.

Anything we remove is first checked to determine suitability for donation. Items in usable condition are taken to local charitable organizations, so they stay in the community and out of the landfill. If it can’t be donated, we work hard to find recycling or sustainable disposal solutions whenever possible. In light of pandemic conditions, we’ve also adjusted our service offerings.

We still provide the full-service, white-glove disposal our customers have come to expect; we’ll remove those heavy items from where they sit, uninstall any unwanted appliances and even remove flooring. Gloves and N95 breathing protection are standard uniform for our removal technicians, with full Tyvek suits available upon request. We offer hospital-grade sanitization with a no-rinse, highly effective solution capable of disinfecting all hard surfaces in your home, as well.

Looking for a truly contact-free experience? We can provide a quote and process your credit card over the phone, then arrange pickup from anywhere on your property with no contact required, and no entering the home. We’re here to provide you with the best and easiest disposal experience, so we work with each customer individually to offer tailored service.

Cutting the clutter is supposed to reduce your stress, not increase it exponentially as you work to find the best disposal solution. Clear your environment and improve your quality of life while sheltering in place. Together, we can secure high-volume disposal on your schedule and your terms. Call us today to learn more about our greener disposal philosophy, and all the ways we’re helping our customers navigate the COVID-19 crisis safely, responsibly and productively.


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