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The Benefits Gained from Proper Electronic Disposal

August 20, 2017.

We’re riding an unprecedented wave of innovation and advancement. With each new day, we’re discovering more and improving upon the technology we have. When you upgrade to the latest devices and products, what do you do with the ones technology has rendered obsolete? Do you hold onto them due to lack of recycling access, allowing them to clutter up your home? Or do you dispose of them yourself?

If you’re thinking about tossing your old phones, tablets or other electronic devices into the garbage can, think again. Batteries and other components contained within them are dangerous and can cause very real harm to the environment. There are also laws in place on the state, local and federal levels to prevent inappropriate disposal. Before you chuck your old electronic equipment, learn why it’s so important to make responsible and ethical disposal choices.

Why Electronic Disposal Methods Matter

As electronic devices become less expensive, they’ve also become more disposable in the eyes of consumers. As so many new devices are upgraded each year, homes are often cluttered with outdated, upgraded or obsolete appliances and devices.

When you toss an old phone or tablet, a computer, or almost any other type of electronic device into a garbage can, you’re making a few questionable choices at once.

First, you’re throwing rechargeable batteries, copper and mercury into a landfill, where these and other toxic chemicals can contaminate large areas of land and water. You’re likely breaking the law, and you’re certainly leaving yourself open to identity theft if you don’t carefully clear all stored information first. There’s a good chance you’re also depriving a less fortunate person in your community of access to electronics due to your choice not to donate unused devices.

The best way to protect yourself, your community and the planet from the growing e-waste threat is to make responsible choices about disposal, which doesn’t have to be as complicated as you might imagine.

Disposing of Old Electronics the Easy Way

You can spend hours tracking down a recycling center in your area, gathering up all of your old and unused electronics, and trying to transport them yourself. Or, you can let us help you with all your disposal needs. Our trained Jiffy Junk technicians are on-call, waiting to come remove your electronic waste while ensuring it’s safely and responsibly discarded. We provide clients throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties with access to reliable, responsible hauling and disposal.

Items in good enough condition to be used and enjoyed will be donated to reputable organizations to ensure their remaining years of usefulness aren’t being wasted in a landfill. Broken or hopelessly obsolete items will be taken to appropriate recycling facilities, which ensures the safe and responsible harvesting of all useful components, the responsible disposal of dangerous ones, and a commitment to doing what’s right. Don’t let your old electronics take up space in your home or create a hazard in the local landfill. Call today: 844-543-3966.

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