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Bulk Garbage Removal: Bronx Options

April 21, 2018.

Whether you’re clearing out an estate or are determined to reclaim some space during spring cleaning, it can be a challenge to figure out an ethical, efficient and cost-effective system for bulk garbage removal. Bronx residents may seem to have a plethora of removal options, but they can basically be separated into three categories: hauling it away yourself, working within the existing framework of free services, or private hauling.

The key to choosing the right option for you is to carefully weigh the unique needs of your project against the pros and cons of each choice.

Breaking Down Your Bulk Garbage Options

If nothing else, DIY hauling can at least feel like the most cost-effective option. The truth is, though, there are a lot of hidden costs which can quickly add up to make this one of the more expensive avenues for junk removal.

Unless you’re one of the rare Bronx residents who owns or has free access to a large vehicle, you’ll need to spring for rental and insurance costs right off the bat. Then there are fueling and toll costs, along with processing fees at recycling centers and dumping sites. It’s also a good idea to factor in the cost of your time and physical labor. How much will an injury cost in terms of missed work? It’s always a possibility, especially when you’re trying to navigate stairwells and narrow spaces with ungainly objects.

DSNY does offer special item pickup, though the rules and guidelines vary depending on what kind of objects you’re trying to dispose of through this system. Mattresses require special bagging and often also require an appointment, as do many appliances. You’ll still be responsible for maneuvering huge items down to the curb after 4pm the evening before scheduled pickup, where they must not block pedestrian traffic, impinge on neighboring properties or protrude into the street. Failure to comply with some guidelines can leave you facing fines, penalties and citations.

Efficient Bulk Garbage Removal Bronx Residents Can Count On

You don’t have time to investigate the myriad legal implications of environmental and disposal law or to dedicate days on end to hauling items yourself.

At Jiffy Junk, our mission is to provide junk removal you can not only count on, but also feel good about. We’ll haul all of your discarded items to the appropriate recycling center, working hard to minimize landfill impact along the way. We’ll even drop usable items off at the donation centers of your choice, so your unwanted belongings can do some good for the community.

Our white-glove services are extended to commercial and residential clients in all five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk County. This means we’ll come to your home or place of business, even uninstalling old appliances and doing all the heavy lifting. One call, one appointment and everything is done. No need to worry about deadlines, the rapidly compounding costs of DIY hauling or wear and tear on your body. Let us help you make quick work of any job, no matter how large or small.

Call today: 844-543-3966.

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