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Choosing Between Junk Removal Companies in Austin

June 5, 2020.

Finding sustainable disposal for large volume waste can feel like a challenge under the best of circumstances. Whether you’re preparing for a big move, working to close the estate of a loved one or just reclaiming livable space in your home, a sizable discard pile can present a logistical nightmare. This is particularly true for Austinites, because municipal bulk disposal is provided only twice per calendar year and comes with a host of restrictions.

When you’re weighing your options and deciding between do-it-yourself hauling, municipal disposal or private junk removal companies, it’s always best to know the basic pros and cons of each choice. Ideally, you’ll choose a disposal option before work begins to maintain a clear, safe work space and to boost productivity. With a plan in place before you get started, you’re able to take the most efficient and ethical route easily.

Junk Removal Companies, DIY Hauling or Municipal Bulk Pickup: Making the Right Choice

Household waste is simple. You toss it in the appropriate curbside bin, and wait for weekly collection. Large-scale disposal is another animal altogether. Not only do you need to be sure your disposal method meets your time constraints, but also your environmental standards and your budget.

With a Zero Waste by 2040 goal, Austin’s municipal framework may seem at first blush like the most environmentally sound option. Scratch the surface, however, and you may find it’s less sustainable than you initially assumed. With the exception of metal waste and passenger car tires, which are taken to Austin Resource Recovery recycling centers, all waste collected during the two bulk collection weeks allotted to residential customers per calendar year ends up in the nearest landfill. This is even true for furniture, household goods and similar items which are still in usable condition. Because there is no infrastructure in place to divert these things to local donation centers, bulk pickup weeks are a significant burden on local landfills.

There’s also the matter of scheduling to consider. Because ARR schedules bulk collection weeks, you must either plan your project around your neighborhood’s collection period or wait for the next chance. Cleaning out the house before you move or closing an estate can’t wait up to half a year, which means you’ll be forced to consider other options immediately if you’re on a tight schedule.

Should you find your schedule and that of the city aligns, there are restrictions to keep in mind. Items must be separated into three distinct piles: metal items (including appliances), non-metal items and passenger vehicle tires removed from rims. These three piles must not only be separate from one another, but also five feet from any walls, fences, parked vehicles, fire hydrants or utility meter boxes. Items should be clear of any low-hanging tree limbs or power lines as well.

Any large project taking place during a global pandemic comes with its own set of complications, as bulk collection is currently suspended indefinitely in Austin. Do-it-yourself hauling can seem like the next best option, but it’s wise to consider the implications of assuming all responsibility for disposal. Transporting items to donation and recycling centers can easily require multiple trips to several separate locations, where you’ll be responsible for all the heavy lifting and all the logistics management.

Taking time away from the aspects of your project that no one else can manage in order to handle something easily outsourced is inefficient, but it also dramatically increases your labor investment. When you’re ferrying unwanted items to many locations, you’re not on site working to tick off the more specialized items on your to-do list. Almost always, the more cost-effective and efficient choice is to work with private junk removal companies who share a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Things to Look for in Junk Removal Companies

When seeking out a private hauler, there are things you’ll want to consider. Ethical disposal is a big piece of the puzzle, but there’s more to keep in mind. You’re busy doing the hard work of reaching a goal; waste is something you should be able to easily outsource without another thought.

At Jiffy Junk, we’ve built our business around doing what’s right for the planet and what’s right for our customers. Our full-service, white-glove promise means we do all the work and all the lifting. Leave heavy furniture where it sits, and we’ll take care of everything. We’ll even tear out old carpeting and remove appliances marked for disposal, so you’re free to focus on everything else you have to manage.

When we come to your home or place of business to get rid of even the largest and most overwhelming junk pile, we take a different approach. Anything deemed usable by our experienced and knowledgeable removal technicians is immediately separated for transport to local donation centers. This means your gently used sofa or outdated dining room furniture can stay in the community where it can be of help, and out of the local landfill. Anything we can’t donate, we dispose of in the most sustainable way possible, working hard to mitigate our environmental impact at every turn.

N95 breathing protection and gloves are uniform standard at all times, but we also provide full Tyvek suits to removal technicians upon your request. We can also arrange a truly contact-free removal solution that meets your needs, so you can comply with social distancing guidelines while remaining productive. Best of all, we do it on your schedule. No waiting for a twice-yearly appointment with Austin Resource Recovery or scrambling at the last minute to handle disposal yourself. You’re left with a clean space, a clear conscience and more than enough time on your hands to address every task ahead of you.

Contact us today to learn more about our greener approach to disposal, and all the ways we work to make jobs of any size easier for you with our customer-first commitment. Together, we can make quick work of even the biggest jobs.



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