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Choosing the Best Junk Removal Option for Your Austin Project

May 26, 2020.

Clearing a cluttered spot in your home to take advantage of unused living space, cutting weight before a big move or anything in between; a big project usually means a lot of waste to manage. Figuring out the best junk removal option can be a challenge, though. This is especially true for Austinites, because municipal bulk disposal services are both limited and riddled with issues that can make them less than appealing. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure your unwanted items are disposed of ethically, responsibly and in a timely manner. The trick is to arm yourself with a bit of basic information so you can choose the solution best suited to your unique needs.

What’s Best: Junk Removal Services, Municipal Bulk Disposal or DIY Hauling?

If you’re like most people, the first solution you think of when you find yourself in need of disposal is Austin Resource Recovery. After all, they make quick and tidy work of your household waste and recycling each week; shouldn’t they be ideally suited to larger jobs? The city’s Zero Waste by 2040 goal can make ARR seem like the most environmentally responsible choice, too. The truth is, Austin Resource Recovery is rarely the best, most efficient, most effective or most ethical choice for large-scale waste management.

The first thing to consider is your schedule; ARR provides bulk pickup only twice each year, and on a schedule of their choosing. This means you could find yourself waiting up to six full months for access to bulk pickup, something you simply can’t do when you’re on a tight schedule. Should you be fortunate enough to find that your timeline and ARR’s align, you still may want to think twice before settling for this option.

Metal items and passenger vehicle tires are taken to recycling facilities, but everything else makes its way straight to the nearest landfill. Since non-metal items make up the majority of waste collected during bulk pickup week, every special collection event has a significant impact on the local landfill. To make matters worse, even items in usable condition are tossed in the dump because there is no system in place to facilitate the diversion of these items to donation centers or charitable organizations.

There are also a host of restrictions to keep in mind. Items must be placed neatly at the curb in three distinctly separate piles: passenger vehicle tires removed from rims, metal items (including appliances) and non-metal items. In addition to being clearly separate, these piles must also be five feet from fences, walls, parked vehicles, fire hydrants, water meters or mailboxes and clear of any low-hanging tree branches or power lines. This means you must also be physically capable of hauling your heaviest items down to the curb, as well. Since bulk collection week is specifically intended for items too large to fit into containers, it’s also important to note that any small waste containerized in bags or bins will simply be considered extra trash and subject to extra fees.

If you’re already going to be doing most of the heavy lifting and there’s a risk of unexpected fees, should you just haul waste yourself? DIY removal can seem like the fastest and most straightforward way to dispose of a substantial amount of waste, but it can be surprisingly expensive and labor-intensive. If you don’t have access to a suitable vehicle, you’re on the hook for rental, administrative, insurance and fueling costs, in addition to any processing fees at drop-off centers. It’s also wise to think about the time investment required, as even moderate-sized jobs tend to require several trips to more than one location due to size limitations of even the biggest pickup truck.

When it’s all said and done, you can save time, money, labor and environmental strain by simply working with a private hauler. In the end, the best junk removal option is often a high-quality private hauler with a commitment to environmental best practices and exceptional customer service.

Why a High-Quality Private Hauler is Your Best Junk Removal Option

Whether you’re moving, in the thick of a hoarding mitigation project, doing the hard work of closing a loved one’s estate or any other big job, you don’t have time to worry about navigating ARR’s schedule. You also can’t afford to ignore the items on your to-do list that only you can manage in order to focus on something as easily outsourced as junk removal.

At Jiffy Junk, we understand how accumulated waste can cause productivity to grind to a halt while presenting safety risks. We also know that this essential task is one of the few you can safely outsource to knowledgeable professionals. Our extensively trained removal techs come to your home or place of business to make the job easier and more efficient, so you’re free to focus on everything you can’t hand off to outside help. Because we’re dedicated to doing our part to protect the planet while providing the very best in customer service, we approach junk removal a bit differently than some of our peers.

When we arrive, we’ll do all the hard work of removing unwanted items from where they currently sit in your home or workplace. Uninstalling unwanted appliances, removing a heavy sofa from the living room or even tearing up old carpeting are all in a day’s work for us. Everything we remove, we examine to ensure all items in usable condition are transported to donation centers, not the nearest landfill. Everything else, we dispose of as sustainably as possible to mitigate landfill impact across the board.

N95 breathing protection and gloves are uniform standard, but we also provide our techs with full Tyvek suits upon your request. We can provide white-glove removal in your home, or arrange truly contact-free disposal to ensure your comfort. Best of all, we do it when you need us, not twice a year. With a single phone call, you can turn even the most overwhelming jobs into something easily managed. Call us today to learn more about our greener disposal system and all the ways we take the stress out of large cleanup projects.

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