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How to Clean Out an Office Before a Move

September 14, 2017.

Are you excited about moving to a brand-new office, or are you too busy putting off the stress of the packing and clean out of an office? Your office is your second home, one that tends to attract a particular kind of clutter. How much of the paperwork is useless? How many items are there even though you’ve never had a reason to use them but never thought to remove them?

Don’t let moving day catch you unprepared. When you clean out an office and pack up for the big move, it gives you the valuable opportunity to enter this new chapter with a clean, organized office. Take advantage of it!

Clean Out an Office Quickly and Efficiently

In this situation, it pays to be ruthless. Whether time is of the essence or you simply want to make sure your new space is as organized as possible, it’s time to turn a critical eye to the contents of your office.

Start in one corner of the room, working clockwise, from top to bottom. Take items off shelves and off the walls and give each one a moment of consideration. Does it have a practical use? Do you have an emotional connection with this item? If your answer to either is “yes,” then give it a quick wipe with a clean cloth to remove any dust and grime and pack it away safely. If the answer is no, then it shouldn’t move to your new office with you.

Separate items you plan to discard into distinct piles for donation, disposal and recycling. Paperwork with any sensitive information should be shredded for caution’s sake and the pieces recycled. Furniture or small items with useful life left ahead of them should always be donated, both to help those in need in your community and to protect the environment. If something is truly beyond use and cannot be recycled, then it belongs in the “disposal” pile.

Turning Sorted Piles Into an Organized System

When you’ve made the hard decisions, you’re still left with large piles of things you no longer want or need, along with all your packed boxes. At this stage, it can often feel like you’ve actually taken a step backward, as opposed to making progress.

The last thing you want to do, when faced with stacks of items and bags of shredded paperwork, is to think about hauling everything yourself. Depending on what kind of items you’re planning to recycle, you may have several separate trips to recycling facilities alone, not to mention donation drop-off centers and the landfill.

At Jiffy Junk, we know your time is valuable and your commitment to environmental responsibility is strong. Our technicians will come to your office in the Nassau and Suffolk Counties area, removing all of your unwanted, unneeded or broken belongings. We’ll take any recyclable items to recycling centers, and any still-useful items to charity donation centers. Our technicians actively work to limit landfill contributions, all while offering white-glove services that leave your offices sparkling clean.

Call today: 844-543-3966.

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