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Clean Out Houses Fast!

March 15, 2017.

There are so many reasons why you might need to clean out a house. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with removing pieces of furniture or items that just no longer need to be there, and it accumulates over time.  You are moving or putting your home on the market.  A commercial foreclosure or estate clearout.  Or even a hoarding situation.

Jiffy Junk is available to help.  We do more than just remove the items you indicate.  We can also bag and box whatever you need organized.  We also incorporate a white glove policy, where we clean the area, leaving it better than before.

This is what makes us the best junk removal company in the region. We always give our full attention to making sure that you are satisfied with our work and that your home is cleaner than when we got there.

We Clean Out Houses Before a Move

We understand that you may have an extremely busy life, and that’s why we are here – so you don’t have to go through the hassle and time of removing unwanted junk from your home yourself.  Our trained professionals have all the skills and experience necessary to take out your items quickly and efficiently. No matter how heavy or large or an object, or how much there is, Jiffy Junk can take control of the situation.

Never worry again that you won’t have time get your house cleaned out before putting it on the market for sale or moving to a new rental. We clean out houses fast.

From Hoarders to Everyday Clutter

We take on any sized clean out job. We trust our employees to get the job done the right way, the first time, every time. Even a big job, such as the home of a hoarder, is not too extreme of a task for us.

So if you are in the Long Island or New York City area or you know of a family member or loved one that needs their home to be cleaned out, let us know. We are always here to help. No longer carry the weight of doing this alone on your shoulders, no matter how long it has been put off, we’ve got you.

Green Is the Name of the Game

We are a green company here at Jiffy Junk! That means that anything that can be recycled or given to charity, will be! We are your leading providers of green junk removal.  If the environment has been your concern of why you don’t want to take care of the junk removal, don’t worry it’s completely understandable. There are many options when choosing where to take your recyclable junk. Certainly not just to the junkyard. Jiffy Junk has put in the time to find the best companies to recycle your junk legally and to the benefit of the greater good.

If you are in the Long Island area and you need junk removed and a house cleaned out, we hope you give us a call and get an estimate. You may be surprised at how frugal you can be by going through Jiffy Junk.

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