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Commercial Waste Collection for Hazardous Materials

September 3, 2017.

Your business has unique disposal needs, so why attempt a one-size-fits-all approach to collection?

It’s vital to keep costs low and productivity high, which can be a challenge if you’re forced to spend valuable time focused on managing waste. State, local and federal laws all determine how you’re legally allowed to handle the waste your business generates, which can present a particular challenge if you’re frequently disposing of anything deemed “hazardous.” This broad term can cover anything from appliances to medical waste, and definitions are constantly evolving.

The Changing Face of Hazardous Waste

Refrigerators, air conditioners and other appliances containing refrigerant are a great example of how guidelines change over time. Prior to 2009, appliances reliant upon refrigerant to operate used ozone-layer depleting HCFC-22 or R-22. EPA guidelines mandated that manufacturers stop selling appliances containing R-22 in 2009 and the industry moved to less damaging HFC R-410A. Now, it is no longer legal to sell any appliance containing R-22 anywhere in the country and production of the substance is set to be completely phased out by 2020.

Recycling these appliances can be tricky as they require specialized handling at facilities equipped to safely manage R-22. Many waste disposal service providers refuse to deal with them at all, leaving commercial clients who work with these appliances in a tight spot. If your business deals in anything that is or may in the future be deemed “hazardous,” you’ll need specialized service through knowledgeable providers who are apprised of all legal guidelines regarding the disposal of hazardous waste.

To further complicate matters for business owners, the Environmental Protection Agency deems hazardous waste generators responsible for the disposal of that waste “from cradle to grave.” That means you are ultimately liable if waste you generate is disposed of improperly, even if you hire an outside contractor to manage that waste. With the future of your business and your full legal compliance on the line, it is imperative you work with waste disposal specialists you can trust.

Choosing the Right Commercial Waste Collection System

The success of your business is partially dependent upon your ability to maintain a steady, reliable flow of waste away from the premises. This becomes particularly vital when the waste you generate is that of a sensitive nature. You can’t keep hazardous waste on the property forever, and most small business owners cannot afford to maintain a salaried position dedicated to the management of waste and its disposal. This doesn’t have to leave you in a precarious position, though.

At Jiffy Junk, we pride ourselves on our depth of knowledge regarding hazardous commercial waste collection. Our technicians service residential and commercial clients alike, throughout Suffolk and Nassau Counties. All of your waste will be managed ethically, responsibly and in full compliance with state, local and federal law. We’ll make sure any recyclable waste is delivered to the appropriate drop-off locations, working to minimize the environmental impact of doing business.

Let us help you maintain a productive, profitable and legally-compliant business. Call today: 844-543-3966.

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