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Concrete Demolition: What Can Be Done with All that Concrete?

September 9, 2016.

When a concrete demolition project is done, it can leave you feeling like you’ve got an even bigger job ahead of you getting everything cleared out. Indeed, the aftermath typically takes up a lot more space than the original structure did before it was torn down. Now what to do with all of that concrete?

The good news is that you can not only have all of your concrete demo debris hauled away completely, it can be recycled for continued use on your behalf. Jiffy Junk haulers will clean up waste materials, construction and demolition debris, and take it for recycling as an environmentally-friendly alternative.

Concrete, masonry, plastics, tile, porcelain and many metals that remain from a demo or construction site can all be recycled. If you’re tearing down a structure, removing old paving, sidewalk, a foundation or slab, Jiffy Junk will clean up the old debris for recycling.

Concrete Demolition Recycled

Our commitment to the environment is as strong as our commitment to providing superior service to the communities we serve. Your concrete demolition debris can be crushed and reused for new concrete, aggregate or gravel. Continued use of recycled construction material help to reduce energy costs of mining and manufacturing new construction materials.

As new construction and remodelling continue to drive our economy here on Long Island, conservation has never been more important. Not to mention holding down the cost of construction materials. Thanks to recycling efforts supported by you and Jiffy Junk haulers, your old backyard patio might one day be a part of the next Whole Foods store on Long Island!

Fast and Affordable Cleanup

Cleanup after a concrete demolition is a big job, with a lot of heavy and bulky sections of concrete to haul away. It can be back-breaking work and take numerous trips to finally have use of your property again.

If you’re a contractor with a job site to clean up, it can cost you a lot of money diverting skilled workers to the task of cleaning up, or adding laborers to the crew for just that purpose.

Jiffy Junk can save you money with affordable cleanup services tailored to your needs, and scheduled for your convenience. Book a one-time cleanup or schedule daily pickups to keep your worksite clear of debris. We can handle the old debris for you so you can focus on putting up the new construction.

Don’t let the work pile up and get in your way until the last minute and slow you down. At Jiffy Junk, we understand that time is money and you don’t want to waste either one. We work fast and efficiently to haul away your construction demolition waste.

For cleanups, rubbish removal, junk hauling, and recycling or donation of your old furniture or appliances, contact us by phone or online to schedule an estimate. We’ll save you time and money with prompt, reliable removal of your construction demolition debris.

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