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Why Construction Trash Pick Up Matters

June 9, 2018.

Whether it’s a small home improvement project or a larger renovation, few things can derail a project faster than bad waste management. Rubble, debris and garbage are difficult to work around and can quickly become a safety hazard while also impeding productivity. You need a reliable plan for construction trash pick up, preferably before you ever start your project.

The Potential Complications of Construction Trash Pick Up

Many homeowners, particularly those tackling a relatively small project, assume they can rely upon municipal sanitation services for special pickup. While this can be true, it’s wise to do a bit of research before deciding.

The rules, laws and regulations surrounding construction and demolition waste are complicated. Even the rules set forth by your sanitation department can be strict, which means you’ll immediately need to invest some time and effort into familiarizing yourself with disposal law, especially as it relates to C&D waste.

While each department is unique, most will require a special appointment for pickup and heavily restrict what you can place out for collection at those appointments. You may also only be allowed to make a certain number of appointments in a calendar year, which can become an issue if your project generates more waste than you expect or expands in scope as it progresses.

Some items cannot be picked up at all, and you could find yourself facing fines and other legal action if you attempt to include them with other waste set out for collection. You’ll still have to do all the heavy lifting and grunt work, since most sanitation departments require C&D waste to be collected into bundles of a particular size.

If you’re on a tight deadline, waiting for pickup appointments can leave you with an ever-growing debris pile as productivity slowly dwindles. Managing your own waste can be tempting at this point, but you may find yourself facing more potential legal risks at dumping sites. Since neither of these options tend to include recycling or reclamation, they’re also not ethical from an environmental standpoint.

How to Manage Construction Waste Ethically and Easily

You need all your C&D debris removed quickly and easily, and you want it to be managed in the most ethical way possible. This means you need to look for a full-service hauling company with a focus on environmental and social responsibility.

At Jiffy Junk, we prioritize recycling, reclaiming and donation at every opportunity. We work hard to minimize our landfill impact, which means you can rest easy about your own carbon footprint. We’ll come to your home to collect all debris, leaving the space clean, clear and ready for work to continue. Serving residential and commercial clients throughout all five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, our Jiffy Junk technicians provide the very best in white-glove hauling.

Don’t let growing waste piles dominate your worksite and create a hazard. Let us take this task off your hands completely, so you can focus on your project with no distractions.

Call today: 844-543-3966.

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