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Storm Cleanup Tips for Your Yard and Home

June 29, 2016.

Winter or summer, spring or fall, you never know when a big storm might hit, resulting in the need for storm cleanup from your home. Not only can you have branches and outdoor debris, storms can tear apart structures, resulting in a big mess. When that next big one hits, be prepared for the aftermath with these cleanup tips.

  • Inspect your property
    After the storm has passed, it is time to evaluate the damage. You will want to inspect your home, roof and other structures to assess what, if anything, needs repair.

    Check your basement, crawl space, fences, garage, roof, gutters and all areas of your property and home. If there is damage to sidewalks or other municipality structures, report them by calling 311. Also report any utility issues to your municipal authorities.

  • Consider insurance claims. Some storm damage may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Make a list of any structural damage and take pictures to show your insurance adjuster. Call your agent to determine whether you can have any of the damage repaired under your insurance policy.
  • Check for flooding
    Any flooding or water leaks need immediate attention. Even a small amount of water can quickly cause damage and create a mold hazard. Flooding should be reported to 311 and you should begin water removal processes right away. You may be able to clean small water damage areas yourself, but larger jobs may require the help of a professional.

    Flooding is not usually covered under a standard homeowner insurance policy; you may need separate flood insurance for coverage.

  • Clearing storm debris
    Even if you did not have any major damage to your home or property, you may still have a big mess to clean up. Start by moving any large debris into one area, such as broken tree limbs, damaged outdoor furniture, shingles and other debris. Smaller debris can be raked into piles to clear your yard and outdoor area of debris.

Removing Debris or Other Items

The last phase is removing all the debris from your property. You want to be careful to adhere to safety precautions to ensure you don’t injure yourself or family members. After a severe storm, the amount of debris can be significant. It could take several trips to disposal centers to remove all of it with a standard truck. Save yourself time and effort by calling on the experts at Jiffy Junk.

Our friendly, efficient team will clear your yard or home of unwanted appliances, garbage and other junk, then haul it away for you. We will ensure that any recyclable materials are disposed of at the proper facilities, meeting all local regulations for disposal.  We service Nassau and Suffolk counties, including Long Island and all of NYC.

Give us a call after the next big New York storm hits and we’ll help you clean up the mess.

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