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Deck Demolition: Out with the Old, In with the New

January 16, 2017.

Planning to install a new deck in your yard this spring? Jiffy Junk will make quick work of your old deck demolition to help you get started. There’s nothing like starting off the new year with a clean slate, and at Jiffy Junk that is our specialty. We will dismantle and haul away your old deck so you can begin work on the new one.

When you hire Jiffy Junk to do your deck demolition, you save the cost of assigning the work to expensive contractors. Those skilled tradespeople you contracted to build your new deck can go to work sooner, and finish the deck faster when they can start with a clean work area.

Your home will be fully prepared for work on that new deck you’re building for spring when we are finished with the old deck demolition. We will haul away all the lumber and debris, and treat your yard with our White Glove Treatment. There will be nothing for you to clean, just a spotless jobsite for your new deck project to begin whenever you’re ready.

Deck Demolition the Easy Way

An efficient deck demolition will take a methodical approach. You don’t want to cause any structural damage to your home while tearing out the old deck. Support posts are probably anchored in concrete that will likely need to be removed to allow installation of the new one. If you plan to resurface the area where the new deck will be installed, your old deck demolition should be done with as little disturbance to the ground as possible to avoid the need to relevel the ground.

Jiffy Junk knows deck demolition and we can make the job go smoothly and affordably. We will provide the tools and transport needed to demolish and haul away your deck, to save you the expense of renting a dumpster for the time it takes you to tear out the deck on your own. We’ll get it done faster, saving you the time and strain of doing it yourself.

We will haul everything away and recycle materials that can be recycled, saving you the hassle of getting all that debris picked up, or having to find a place to haul it to, and a vehicle or trailer that can handle the load. One call to Jiffy Junk is all you need to get the work done from start to finish.

Jiffy Junk is With You All The Way

We also offer construction debris removal service. If you want your remodel projects to go more smoothly and save money at the same time, we will clean up your jobsite in a jiffy. Want to keep your contractors focused on construction instead of cleanup? We will haul away debris to keep the work area clean.

A lot of materials are left over after, or during, a construction project. Metals, glass, concrete and more all need to be cleaned up, hauled away and, in most cases, recycled. It’s a lot of work. Time-consuming labor that you would rather not be done by skilled labor you’ve hired for construction work.

Let Jiffy Junk do your demolition and cleanup work for you. Our rates are reasonable, and your time is valuable. Save time and money, give us a call.

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