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Where to Dispose of Electronics Responsibly

October 19, 2017.

Do you like to stay on the cutting edge of technology? If you upgrade with each new cell phone generation and provide tablets for every member of the family, there’s a good chance you’re also drowning in old and unused electronic devices.

Since today’s newest devices are all designed with planned obsolescence in mind, it’s not uncommon for an adult to generate several pieces of e-waste each year. Because these devices also contain heavy metals and other hazardous materials, it’s not like you can just toss them in the trash can with each upgrade.

In fact, there are a number of local, state and federal laws that can come into play when you’re trying to dispose of old devices. In most cases, there are very specific guidelines that mandate how and where you can dispose of everything from cell phones and tablets to televisions and computer keyboards. With the health of the planet and your compliance with the law hanging in the balance, it pays to make sure you’re choosing the most ethical and responsible options for disposal.

Why Electronic Waste Management Matters

By now, most people know that cadmium, brominated flame retardants and other chemicals can leach from trashed electronics into soil and groundwater. What you may not know is that not all recycling programs are created equal. When you drop your cell phone into a kiosk, do you know where it’s headed?

While most organizations claiming to ethically strip and recycle electronic devices are doing exactly what they claim, it’s not uncommon for some to simply ship e-waste overseas for dumping. This exposes the citizens of developing countries to health risks, but it can also put your own personal information at risk.

Any information you leave on the hard drive of a device has the potential to be accessed without authorization after it leaves your possession. Before you slip an old phone into an envelope to be recycled or “donated” to the less fortunate, take some time to think about your options.

Dispose of Electronics the Easy Way

At Jiffy Junk, we understand how important it is to protect both the planet and your personal information when you dispose of electronics. When our trained and experienced technicians are dispatched to homes and businesses in Nassau or Suffolk Counties, they provide full-service disposal and cleanup services. They’ll even uninstall and dismantle bulky electronics, then sweep up behind themselves on the way out the door.

Whether you have several boxes of old electronics or just a few pieces, we can and will make quick work of your high-tech clutter. With a single phone call, your e-waste is out of your home and out of your way.

You never have to worry about the final destination of your unwanted devices, either. We’ll drop items off at the donation centers of your choosing, or take them to the appropriate recycling facilities to guarantee they don’t end up in a landfill anywhere in the world. Let us help you make the ethical choice before the newest version of your phone drops!

Call today: 844-543-3966.

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