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Dispose of Furniture the Ethical Way in Broward County

October 22, 2019.

Some things are easy to get rid of when they’ve outlived their usefulness. Other things can present more of a challenge, and unwanted furniture often ranks high on the list. With notable exceptions for particularly unique pieces or valuable antiques, the resale market tends to be unkind to sellers of used furniture. This especially holds true for upholstered goods, which can be difficult to sanitize and often hold the scents of their former homes. 

There are many reasons why you might need to find a disposal solution for castoff furniture. Perhaps you’re upgrading gently used pieces as part of a home renovation project, or maybe you’re doing the difficult work of closing a loved one’s estate. Regardless of the circumstances, there’s a good chance your need for furniture disposal is part of a larger cleaning or organization project. Big projects usually mean looming deadlines and a passel of responsibilities, which means you simply don’t have time or energy to invest in chasing down removal solutions that manage to suit your schedule, your budget and your moral compass. 

Learning more about all your disposal options before work begins is ideal, but it’s not always possible. Whether you’re still in the planning stages or find yourself in the thick of the action with no waste management solution, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of all your options and what they entail.

Weighing Your Local Options to Dispose of Furniture

Household waste disposal is simple; put it in a green bin, and Solid Waste and Recycling Services of Broward County empties it twice a week. When you’re dealing with items too large to fit into a bin, however, things can start to get tricky. 

Once each month, bulk collection services are provided to residential customers living in unincorporated Broward County. Furniture, appliances, some lawn and garden waste, metal poles, carpeting and padding are all accepted by collection crews on bulk collection days. Items must be placed at the curb no later than 7AM on your scheduled collection day in an orderly manner, with rugs, carpeting and similar items tied into secure bundles. 

While furniture items are accepted, there are some things to consider before dragging them out to the curb. The first is where those furniture items will end up. Regardless of condition, furniture collected by Solid Waste and Recycling Services of Broward County is taken to the landfill, as there simply are not recycling facilities on a municipal level built to handle things like polyurethane foam and textiles. This means that your unwanted but still usable sofa or lightly scratched but serviceable dining room table will take up space in the local dump, rather than helping those in need. If you’re committed to doing what’s best for the environment and working to leave a healthy planet for future generations, this isn’t likely to be an acceptable disposal solution.

There’s also scheduling to consider. Unless you’re working on a project with only self-imposed deadlines, once-per-month pickup services may not work in your favor. Getting rid of big items that you don’t want to pack for a big move, for instance, means letting them go before your final move-out date. In such cases, waiting around for next month’s bulk collection date isn’t just an ethical concern, but also a logistical headache. 

Relying upon municipal waste management services also means you’re responsible for getting heavy furniture out of your home and down to the curb. Doing the heavy lifting isn’t always an option for everyone, and it can be an injury risk for those who make the attempt. For this reason, do-it-yourself hauling is rarely worth the risk or the headache. By the time you load heavy items into a truck, transport them to the appropriate donation centers or drop-off locations, and then do the hard manual labor of unloading them, you’ll likely find you’ve invested an entire day and plenty of sweat. This is, of course, after you’ve already done all the legwork of finding those drop-off centers and plotting the most efficient route. 

What if there were a faster, more efficient and more environmentally-sound way to dispose of furniture? One that doesn’t require you to do any lifting beyond picking up the phone and comes with far greater scheduling availability than once per month?

Greener, Faster and Easier Furniture Removal

There are so many aspects of a large project only you can manage, but disposal doesn’t have to be one of them. Outsourcing waste management to a private hauler who shares your dedication to more sustainable disposal and greener living allows you to streamline your entire project. 

Our Jiffy Junk service promise is two-fold. First, we work hard to minimize our environmental footprint in any way we can. Second, we strive to provide the absolute best in white-glove, full-service hauling to all of our customers. 

When our extensively trained and knowledgeable technicians remove furniture, appliances and household items, they make sure anything in usable condition is immediately marked for donation. This not only keeps these items out of the landfill but also in the community where they can help families or organizations in need. When items aren’t suitable for donation, we seek out disposal solutions that do not include landfill dumping whenever possible to further minimize our impact. We do all the heavy lifting, removing items from where they sit rather than forcing you to drag them to the curb. We’ll even uninstall appliances and tear out old carpeting, providing a true full-service disposal solution to residential and commercial clients alike throughout Broward County. 

Whether you have a single unwanted sofa or a house filled with furniture ready for removal, we’re here to help. We’ll work with your schedule, not against it, so you’re able to focus on everything else while we handle the waste. Call Jiffy Junk today to learn more about our greener bulk disposal services and how we can help you turn even the largest disposal pile into a clean, cleared space in no time flat. 

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