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Do You Need a Garbage Removal Service?

March 8, 2018.

You know you’re heading into a big project likely to generate a lot of waste, but will it be enough to justify hiring a private garbage removal service? Since no two projects are identical, it’s a good idea to explore the most common disposal options and balance what you’ve learned against the unique qualities of your individual project.

Private Garbage Removal Service Alternatives

Many people instinctively shy away from hiring private waste management professionals due to the perceived cost. What you may not realize is just how easily professional assistance can pay for itself.

At first blush, handling the removal and haul-away items on your to-do list yourself can seem like the most cost-effective option. Even if you have to rent a truck and cajole friends into helping, it must be less expensive than a pro hauler, right? Not necessarily. In addition to the cost of vehicle rental, fuel costs and any tolls you’ll encounter along the way, you’re also likely to run into fees at recycling centers and landfills. A series of relatively small expenses spread out over the course of a big project can quickly add up to a big bill at the end.

For jobs of any size at all, you’ll need to plan on several trips to a variety of locations. Recycling centers tend to be highly specialized, so you’ll need to take electronics to one location and paper or plastic to another. If you have a substantial amount of one particular kind of waste, you may need to make more than one trip for that alone. Planning to donate old furniture or other household items? Few donation centers offer pickup, so be sure to factor in the number of trips to donation drop-off centers you think will be required.

Heavy lifting is hard and sometimes dangerous work, too, so it pays to consider the physical toll of such demanding work.

Your local sanitation department likely offers special programs for bulk items and special waste, but these programs are governed by a host of rules and regulations that can be difficult to comply with in a timely manner. Appointments will almost certainly be required, and there can be a long wait for a slot, which may be delayed even further in the event of inclement weather. If your project is at all time-sensitive, consider the cost of missing your deadline because of delayed pickups.

Streamlining Disposal for Quick Results

You have enough to manage, no matter the details of your project. Why add more to your plate while increasing costs, one trip at a time?

With one phone call to Jiffy Junk, you can make a plan to get rid of everything you need to have removed, no stress and no fuss. Our trained and experienced technicians will come to your home or business anywhere in Nassau County, Suffolk County or the five boroughs to provide true white-glove disposal services. You never have to do the heavy lifting or work out the logistics of multiple-drop routes. We’ll drop off items for donation and always prioritize recycling to minimize landfill impact. Your project quickly becomes greener, more efficient and potentially less expensive, all with one phone call.


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