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Don’t Leave Furniture on the Street in Austin TX

December 7, 2018.

Finding a new home for old furniture can be surprisingly difficult, especially if you’ve got more than a piece or two to manage. While it may be tempting to simply leave furniture on the street and hope for the best, Austin Resource Recovery will only pick up items left out for bulk collection twice per year for residential customers. Unless you have the incredible luck of finding yourself in need of services on or near the dates scheduled for your area, projects with a deadline can quickly become a challenge if they hinge upon municipal bulk item collection.

Even if you are fortunate enough to find the dates of your project line up with bulk item collection week, you still may struggle if you’ve got more to dispose of than you can fit in the collection area. All items must be at least 5 feet away from mailboxes, fences, walls, water meters, trash carts, parked cars and telephone connection boxes. They must also not be left under low-hanging tree limbs or power lines.

Times When You Might Be Tempted to Leave Furniture on the Street

Any time you have furniture to get rid of, there’s always the temptation to abandon it on the curb for someone else to deal with. If you’re lucky, someone might claim it for themselves. If not, you may find yourself facing potential code violations and will still eventually have to deal with the mess, one way or another. When we help our customers get rid of furniture they no longer need or want, we often find they’re in one of a few common positions.

Estate Management 

The management and closure of an estate is never an easy process. When you’ve lost someone important in your life, the pain of managing their final estate details is painful enough; the last thing you need is the stress and pressure of trying to work around a limited municipal schedule. We understand the unique needs of clients in this position, and our full-service, white-glove disposal services can help to lighten your load.

Hoarding Cleanup

A hoarding compulsion is difficult for everyone involved, from the person struggling to their friends and family members. When circumstances demand quick, thorough but sensitive action, professional removal is almost the sole option. Hoarding cleanups usually happen when time is of the essence, and you just can’t wait for a bulk item collection week to get rid of the larger pieces. The typical scope of a hoarding cleanup also means they often yield a significant number of belongings to remove with a relatively narrow window of opportunity, more than municipal waste management is structured to provide.

Aftermath of an Eviction

By the time evicted tenants vacate a property, their relationship with a landlord is likely acrimonious, to say the least. People in a hurry to exit a home owned by someone they’re not happy with aren’t usually careful with things on their way out of the house. Cleaning up after an eviction can mean dealing with more than just abandoned furniture, and there are legal guidelines you’ll have to comply with in order to stay on the right side of the law. Working with experienced pros is vital when you’re trying to get a property rented to paying tenants as quickly as possible after the eviction process is completed.


There’s nothing like moving to change your perspective on your belongings. When you find yourself dealing with things you’d rather just abandon than pack, you know it’s time to pare down and cut the clutter. Leaving furniture on the street on your way out of the neighborhood isn’t a good look, though, so it’s best to dispose of things you don’t want to carry with you a bit more responsibly.

Remodeling and Renovation

From a new coat of paint and a few pieces of furniture to a total structural remodel, waste management is important. Few things slow down a big project more effectively than accumulating trash, especially when it’s comprised of everything from old sofas to drywall rubble. Municipal pickup for renovation and commercial activity is minimal, so private hauling is usually your only option outside of doing it yourself.

Municipal codes and collection services aside, it’s also a good idea to keep in mind that leaving items on the street after posting about them on free classified sites can be a reliable way of getting rid of furniture, but it can also bring a lot of unpleasant and unpredictable characters practically to your front door. You’ll still be responsible for the heavy lifting and dragging to the curb in the first place, so it’s often just a bad investment of time, labor and energy.

Quick and Easy Collection in Austin TX

No matter the size or nature of your project, it’s always better to stay on the good side of Code Enforcement while you work. Rather than leaving appliances, construction waste or furniture on the street, choose the efficient and ethical professional haulers at Jiffy Junk. Our experienced removal techs come to your home or place of business to manage almost every kind of waste you can imagine. Best of all, we help you keep your landfill impact as small as possible along the way by prioritizing donation and recycling over dumping at every opportunity.

Because we understand how much our clients are trying to manage when they find themselves in need of our services, we remove items from where they sit and leave the space broom clean behind us. No need for you to wrestle heavy items down to the curb in order to leave furniture on the street for collection or even to uninstall appliances. As we remove items, we’ll separate items for donation and recycling, so you don’t have to worry about sorting waste, either. With one phone call, you can check donation, recycling and full waste removal off your long to-do list.

Don’t let a big job become a big headache. Call today and let our Jiffy Junk experts take the stress out of waste management.

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