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Where to Dump Large Items Ethically

January 6, 2018.

You’ve got things to dispose of and they won’t quite fit in your household garbage. How do you get rid of large, bulky items without risking fines and penalties for illegal dumping? Equally important are the ethical implications. How much of an impact will your actions have on the environment? Whether you’re in the middle of a major renovation and organization project or you’re clearing an entire estate, big jobs require special attention to both legal and environmental guidelines.

Keeping Your Space and the Environment Clean

The largest items in your space aren’t just difficult to dispose of due to their size. They also tend to harbor more potential environmental hazards than your daily garbage.

Appliances, particularly those which contain an older type of refrigerant, can introduce a variety of hazardous chemicals into the ecosystem. Coolants known to deplete the ozone layer only scratch the surface. Your unwanted appliances also contain mercury, cadmium and other heavy metals, which can leach into groundwater if handled improperly. You can’t sell appliances containing this phased-out refrigerant and few donation centers will accept them.

Newer appliances manufactured to feature less hazardous coolant after the phase-out in 2010 should be easier to manage, right? Not so fast. The newer coolant is highly flammable. This means that even if your municipal garbage service does offer limited pickup for large items, they will not accept these appliances at all.

Bulky furniture items pose their own set of disposal complications. Soft, upholstered items can be difficult to sell or donate due to hygienic concerns. Hard-surface furniture may not harbor bedbugs, but they’re still heavy and difficult to maneuver. Unless they’re valuable antiques, finding a new owner for castoff furniture is a steep challenge. You can always donate these items to local charity donation centers, but few of them offer pickup services. This means you’ll still be responsible for transporting the items you no longer want or need.

You can’t dump items on the curb without legal or environmental ramifications. You can’t dump them at all unless you’re fortunate enough to have access to a truck, actually. Municipal pickup programs are limited in scope and fraught with restrictions, and donation centers rarely provide pickup at all. What do you do, then, when you have more than you can handle and no idea where to dump large items for which you no longer have a need?

Where to Dump Large Items When You Don’t Have a Truck

Lack of access to transportation of suitable size will almost certainly put a damper on any plans you have of hauling away bulky items on your own. Even if you do have such access, you’ll still have to locate different recycling, donation or disposal facilities for different types of items. By the time you make several trips to multiple locations, your time and fuel cost investment will almost certainly be more extensive than you ever intended.

Your time and your money are valuable, which is why our trained and experienced pros at Jiffy Junk work hard to make sure they’re both invested wisely. We’ll come to your home or place of business to not only take large items away, but to uninstall and/or remove them. You never have to do any of the heavy lifting, scout ethical disposal locations, or navigate a dense urban area in a loaded-down truck. Serving all five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, we always prioritize green disposal options. This means we’ll take your items to the appropriate recycling location or drop them off at charity donation centers to minimize landfill impact.

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