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E-Waste Recycling Means Zero Waste

May 1, 2017.

We’re all guilty. We’ve all had something we loved that was eventually replaced with a newer, better model. These days, it probably happens more than any of us care to admit. With the constant rotation of electronic devices, we’re often looking to purchase the next upgrade before we’ve mastered the current edition. There’s no harm in admitting it. We can all raise our hands; there’s strength in numbers.

There is harm, however, if our castaways aren’t disposed of properly. Many of the old devices that served us well are thrown away or end up in landfills, possibly the worst decision anyone could make. While our electronics enhance our lives, they won’t extend that same courtesy to the environment. The best choice when discarding e-waste is to recycle.  Every single time.

What Is E-Waste?

Electronic waste, or e-waste as it’s commonly called, is any device or appliance that is no longer of use. It could be outdated or broken or simply unattractive; whatever the reason for discarding it qualifies it as waste. While the most popular items tend to be televisions, computers, tablets and cellular phones, there are plenty of other items included under the umbrella of electronic waste. Microwaves and refrigerators can be considered e-waste as well as fax machines and printers. In short, if it’s something you regularly use at home or the office, chances are it will fall into the category of e-waste.

Why E-Waste Recycling?

Many of the items we use contain a number of toxic elements. These elements, such as cadmium, mercury and lead, must be disposed of properly. If left in landfills, our soil could absorb the toxicity of the elements, risking the quality of our environment and our own personal health. Recycling such items ensures they’re discarded as responsibly as possible. Several states have laws against improper disposal of electronics for this very reason, so it might be best to call in people with experience to remove and recycle these items for you.

Several companies offer this type of service. Experienced professionals will assess the item you’re tossing out to see if it should be donated or recycled. Once they determine the end result, they’ll disconnect it (if applicable) and remove it from your home or office. Doing so prevents you from having to move large or heavy items; they do all of it for you. They’ll haul away your old stove or square box of a television and have it recycled on your behalf.

How Does E-Waste Become Zero Waste?

Not only does the environment benefit by recycling, but so does the item itself. Many electronics contain metal and other parts that once recycled can be repurposed. Once broken down, e-waste can be divided and distributed into various categories for recycling that allows it to have a continued life in different form. E-waste doesn’t have to mean more waste when it could easily mean zero waste. With the rate our society is advancing regarding technology, combined with the desire to keep up by having the latest and greatest model, recycling is clearly the best option for all involved.

If you live in Queens or near Nassau and Suffolk Counties, let the experienced people of Jiffy Junk help you remove and recycle your electronic waste. Call today at 888-543-3966.

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