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The Easy Way to Haul Away Appliances

September 17, 2017.

Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen or clearing out an estate, the thought of getting rid of old appliances is likely a distressing one. If they’re very old or no longer working, the anxiety increases exponentially. What do you do with appliances no one can use, especially in light of more stringent environmental guidelines?

Local, state and federal law can all come into play when you’re trying to haul away appliances because there are so many regulations stipulating how and where you can dispose of items containing hazardous materials.

What Everyone Should Know About Appliance Disposal

You know it’s important to do your homework before purchasing new appliances, but did you know it’s almost as important to research proper disposal? Not only do you risk running afoul of the law by discarding them carelessly; your actions will also have an impact on the planet.

If you’re purchasing new appliances through a legitimate dealer, they will probably offer haul-away services as part of installation. This may be free of charge, or there may be fees involved due to the sensitive nature of appliance disposal. If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of this choice, you may be reassured to know that the EPA charges manufacturers with responsibility for their waste “from cradle to grave,” which means they can face stiff penalties if these items are not handled in accordance with EPA guidelines.

This may not be an option for everyone, though. Occasionally, retailers will not offer this service. And if you’re clearing out a kitchen to close an estate, you may not be purchasing new appliances at all. If you find yourself ineligible for retailer haul-away services, don’t despair. There are other solutions, ones that minimize your carbon footprint and your workload.

Why You Don’t Want to Haul Away Appliances Yourself

Assuming you have access to a truck large enough to accommodate major appliances, there are still reasons why you might want to think twice before tackling this task yourself.

First and foremost, these items are usually heavy. In addition, they may be directly wired into a power source and can be dangerous to handle. After uninstalling appliances, you must then remove or securely fasten all doors to prevent children from gaining access before the appliances are removed from the property. In some areas, removal of refrigerator doors is required by law as part of the disposal process.

Major appliances are recyclable, though they may not all go to the same recycling center. If you’re managing several appliances, this means separate trips to different drop-off locations and a major headache.

Residential and commercial clients in Nassau and Suffolk Counties rely on our experienced Jiffy Junk technicians to haul away appliances of all types, ages and conditions. If your items are still usable and legally eligible for donation, we’ll take them to the charity center of your choice. If they’re beyond use, we’ll ensure they go to the right recycling center. We’ll even uninstall them for you and clean up afterwards as part of our white-glove service.

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