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Eco-Friendly New York Rubbish Removal

April 26, 2018.

These days, it’s almost impossible to throw something away without wondering how it will affect the environment. Even when you’re working hard to be more mindful and ethical when it comes to disposal, there are times when it can feel impossible. Home improvement projects, big moves and estate cleanouts definitely fall into this category because they yield so much waste of so many different varieties.

Deadlines, self-imposed or otherwise, can add to the stress. How can you find the most ecologically responsible disposal method for what feels like a mountain of waste while staying on schedule? After all, waste removal is likely only one small part of a larger and more complicated project, even though it has the potential to derail the entire thing.

Green Disposal in New York: Rubbish Removal Outsourcing for Efficiency

Ideally, you’ll be sorting waste into separate categories as it’s removed from your space. This means items for donation are separated from those marked for recycling, which are also kept separate from chemical waste or other things which require special handling.

Even if you’re meticulously sorting rubbish as you go, you’ll still need a destination for each item, along with a transportation plan. Many people in densely populated urban areas have limited to no access to large vehicles, which means you’ll likely need to rent a truck to get started. In addition to rental, insurance and fueling expenses, there are some nonmonetary costs you might want to consider.

In a city like New York, rubbish removal with an ethical focus can also present a bit of a conundrum. Recycling centers tend to accept only a few specific types of items, so a large project can leave you driving all over the city to multiple locations, more than once in some cases. You may be keeping items out of landfills, but you’re contributing to air pollution on a much larger scale than you would under normal circumstances due to vehicle emissions.

DSNY offers some special pickup services, but they can be complicated to schedule and failure to comply with regulations can leave you facing fines or citations. Many items picked up by DSNY also end up in a landfill because DSNY doesn’t offer donation transportation or work with nontraditional recycling initiatives for historically difficult items, like mattresses and furniture.

Making the Best Choice for You, Your Wallet and the Planet

Keeping waste out of landfills is important, but your efforts may be cancelled out to some degree if you’re making dozens of trips hauling items from one location to another, one truckload at a time.

Our Jiffy Junk technicians will come to your home or place of business anywhere in the five boroughs, Nassau or Suffolk Counties to remove everything you need to dispose of in one trip. We’ll drop off donation items along the way to recycling facilities, which we always prioritize over landfill dumping. We’ll help you make real progress in your project by leaving the spaces we clear swept clean and dust-free, all as part of our eco-conscious white glove service promise.

Call today: 844-543-3966.

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