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Electronics Recycling: It’s the Green Way to Go

April 13, 2016.

Do you have a stash of old computers, TV’s and cell phones taking up space? Electronics recycling could be the best choice for clearing out the junk from your closets, drawers, and garage.

What’s in Those Old Electronic Devices?

Copper, silver, gold and more! Did you know that cell phones contained all those precious metals? According to the EPA, a collection of one million cell phones can produce the following amounts of precious metals through recycling:

  • Copper: 35,000 pounds
  • Silver: 772 pounds
  • Gold: 75 pounds
  • Palladium: 33 pounds

Older, tube type televisions and computer monitors can contain up to eight pounds of lead in them. Flat panel TVs and monitors still contain some lead, but not as much. Instead they have higher level of mercury in their lighting devices.

Where Can You Find Info on Electronics Recycling?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is, of course, a great resource for information related to any type of recycling. They provide information on the proper methods of electronics recycling and links to state-related recycling requirements. They also provide a list of several businesses and organization which accept electronics for recycling.

The Electronics TakeBack Coalition is another great resource related to recycling and donation of electronic products. They even provide tips on how to securely remove or erase your data from computers and other devices before you get rid of them.

Why Not Send Electronics to the Landfill?

Electronics recycling and donation may seem like a hassle to some, but there are some very good reasons why laws have been enacted to prevent the disposal of electronic waste in our public landfills. All it takes is a look at the list of materials contained in some of these devices to explain why. It boils down to two basic reasons – health and waste.

Lead, mercury and cadmium, all byproducts of electronic waste, are all poisonous to our bodies. Increasing the concentration of these toxic materials in our landfills endanger public health. If we look at some of the other precious metals, like gold, silver and copper, these metals are limited resources. Can you imagine throwing gold or silver coins in the trash? Even copper is being stolen from buildings today because of its value. Every ounce of these metals that ends up in a landfill is another ounce that will have to be mined from the ground to produce the new generation of electronic devices. Why waste what can be recovered?

Recycling Doesn’t Have to Be a Hassle

Many who choose not to recycle their electronics are simply trying to avoid the hassle of loading up the items and hauling them away. It takes time, and you can’t always take all the items to same location. We understand that. Nothing is more valuable than your time. It is your most valuable, nonrenewable resource. Jiffy Junk was founded for that very purpose – to save you the time and hassle of removing unneeded items from your home. We’ll pick up your electronics recycling items and haul them away. They won’t go to the landfill. They will go to a recycler of electronics to recover the resources in a safe way.

We make recycling easy. Contact us today or give us a call at 844-JIFFY-NOW | (844) 543-3966.

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