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Fairfield County Construction Trash Pickup

March 1, 2019.

Whether you’re in the middle of a major home renovation or you’re remodeling a single room, it’s vital to have a plan in place before you even begin working for dealing with construction trash. Pickup as a municipal service is not available in Fairfield County, so it falls upon general contractors or homeowners themselves to devise a plan for waste management. 

Choosing an Option for Construction Trash Pickup

Fairfield County waste is largely managed by private haulers, as municipal services for pickup are restricted to curbside recycling. Household waste, unwanted furniture or household items and bulky objects are left for homeowners to manage themselves, either by working with a private weekly pickup company or transporting them to the appropriate location themselves. 

Construction trash pickup usually entails more than just drywall rubble and scrap lumber, especially when it’s the product of a renovation or remodeling project. You must get rid of the old to make way for the new, whether it’s a new refrigerator or the resulting rubble from knocking down a few walls to open up your spaces. Salvageable items and recyclable ones, often along with discarded furniture and the assorted odds and ends, will almost inevitably make up part of your waste burden.

The first option you have is to manage waste yourself. If you don’t own or have access to a large truck, it will likely mean renting one. In addition to the cost of rental, administrative fees and insurance costs, fueling expenses and related expenditures, you’ll also need to weigh the value of your time and labor. Managing such waste responsibly means meticulously sorting items bound for salvage from those which need to be transported to recycling facilities, working hard to minimize what you’ll be forced to send to the landfill. State, local and federal laws govern how and where certain items may be disposed of, as well. Since no one wants to find themselves in a tight legal spot for trying to get rid of construction waste, you’ll need to be sure you’re reasonably well-versed in the legal requirements for disposal which could apply to your unique project.

The logistics and planning alone can be overwhelming; still, trying to maintain a clean and safe workplace for the people completing your renovation project adds to the stress exponentially. A slip or fall on your property can have far-reaching liability implications, so you’ll want to be sure you’re consistently working to address hazards in order to mitigate your risk. This may mean managing waste multiple times per week, or even daily for very large jobs. This is time you cannot spend supervising the work being done or managing the aspects of your project only you can handle. When so many different types of items must be taken to so many different locations just to keep the worksite clear, it’s easy to see how managing trash can quickly become a full-time job.

Your second option is to secure the services of a private hauler.

In the end, it’s often far more efficient and effective to work with an ethical, environmentally-responsible private hauler who specializes in providing full-service construction trash pickup services to the residents of Fairfield County. Anyone with a truck and a private hauler license can come pick up waste, but not all haulers are created equal. Before you choose a construction trash pickup service, it’s wise to consider the environmental and ethical implications of working with a hauler who does not prioritize greener, more sustainable disposal practices.

Greener and More Ethical Construction Trash Pickup Services

If you’re like most people, managing waste is not the aspect of a home renovation you’re most looking forward to. At Jiffy Junk, we understand that you have pressing issues at hand no one else can manage when your home or office becomes a construction jobsite, and you don’t have time to continually sort, haul and drop off construction debris.

Our full-service, white-glove construction trash removal services take the entire headache of maintaining a waste-free worksite off the table. Our expert techs will come to your home or place of business to not only remove construction waste, but sort it carefully to ensure minimal landfill impact. We work with recycling centers and existing local resources to mitigate environmental damage as much as possible, even including donation transportation among our services. If your remodeling project includes getting rid of a usable but unwanted sofa, clearing outdated clothing out of a seldom-used closet or hauling old household items out of your kitchen before tearing out cabinets, we’ll separate these items carefully, ensuring they’re transported to area donation centers. This not only keeps those items in the community, where they can continue to be of service to those in need, but also makes sure their first and last stop after leaving your property is not the landfill.

When appliances are involved, especially those containing coolant, it’s also important to remember there are strict federal guidelines in place for how they must be disposed of safely. Working with a private hauler who understands the risks improperly discarded appliances can pose to the community and the planet at large is important, not only to keep you on the right side of the law, but also to ensure your old air conditioner doesn’t end up contributing to depletion of the ozone layer due to the old, hazardous coolant it contains. We know how appliances should be handled, along with other recyclable items, and we work hard to make the best environmental choices at every possible turn.

Construction trash pickup doesn’t have to be the most difficult or stressful aspect of managing a renovation project. With a single phone call, you can get rid of construction rubble, salvageable lumber, old furniture, broken appliances and assorted items you no longer want or need but aren’t sure how to dispose of properly. Call us today to learn how we can get rid of anything on your property you no longer want to be there in one fell swoop.

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