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Fence Removal Done Fast on Long Island

December 9, 2016.

Fence removal is one of those jobs that often turns out to be more work than it seemed like before you get started. For starters, the fence posts will be well anchored if the fence was built correctly, making removal more of a challenge. Concrete will likely have been used to anchor them, several feet deep in many cases.

Aside from the anchored posts, another aspect of fence removal that DIY’ers will often underestimate is the amount of debris fence removal creates. A fence takes up a lot more space when it’s been taken down than it might seem like when it’s standing. Depending on the size of the fenced area, debris removal can take several dumpsters to cart it off.

In the meantime, you will need to rent a large dumpster that will sit outside your house until the work is done. And if you plan to get started on your renovation project this spring, you may need to pull up that fence while the ground is still rock hard from the winter cold.

Let Jiffy Junk Handle Your Fence Removal

If you have a renovation project or construction job that requires fence removal, Jiffy Junk is the solution for getting the work done fast. We will provide the manpower, materials and expertise needed to make quick work of removing your fence and leaving behind a clean space ready for you to use as you wish.

Much of the remaining material from a fence removal can be recycled or repurposed for continued use. Jiffy Junk will see to it that those materials are responsibly recycled, and will dispose of the rest in accordance with local ordinances. You can rest assured when you hire Jiffy Junk for your fence removal, you are making an environmentally responsible decision.

Got a construction project in mind after the fence removal? Our services don’t stop with just junk hauling. We also cleanup construction debris, concrete removal and demolition services. You may decide now that the fence is gone, that old shed in the yard needs to go as well. We can do it for you.

Fast, Professional Service

Whatever project you have in mind, Jiffy Junk is ready to handle the cleanup so you don’t have to. Our cleanup service will keep your worksite in clean, safe condition so your contractors can focus on the work you’ve hired them to do. And you will save money at the same time.

When you have a task the size of a fence removal, it makes sense to hire a company equipped to do the job quickly, and not have to worry about the job getting too big to handle. We will remove your fence quickly so you won’t have an unsightly mess outside your home or business for days or weeks, while you pay for waste containers the whole time.

Give us a call or book an appointment online to schedule an estimate for your fence removal. We will have your property fence-free and clean of debris before you know it. For expert, affordable cleanups and junk removal in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens, call the professionals at Jiffy Junk.

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