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Finding a Book Removal Service in Palm Beach County

September 13, 2019.

Most of the time, disposing of things you no longer want or need rarely requires more planning than choosing the appropriate recycling bin and ensuring everything is at the curb and ready to go on pickup day. Sometimes, though, you find yourself in need of a more comprehensive waste management program. This can be particularly true when you’re dealing with a large number of books.

No one wants to send perfectly good books to a landfill, but it’s a particularly repellent idea for ecologically minded book lovers. Filling a curbside recycling bin may be more sustainable, but isn’t there a better way? When you’ve got a significant number of books to manage and an urgent need to downsize, where do you turn? Is there a book removal service in Palm Beach County? 

Understanding your disposal and removal options for items like books, gently used household goods and other items still in usable condition can not only make it easier to simplify a significant part of a large cleaning or organizing project, but also to make greener, more sustainable decisions. 

Municipal Bulk Disposal Versus a Book Removal Service

Changes to bulk waste pickup ordinances in Palm Beach County will take effect October 1, 2019, lowering the number of collection days for bulky items from two per week to one day each week and placing a limit of no more than three large items per household each collection day. This specifically refers to pieces of furniture, appliances or large household items, however, not containers or stacks of books. 

Debris from small home repairs will be collected by Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County collection crews, but all debris must be collected into containers weighing no more than fifty pounds each and the total amount of debris must not exceed two cubic yards each week. Lawn and garden waste can also be left out for collection, up to six cubic yards each week. Exceptions for this limit will be made only in the event of hurricanes or natural disasters. Still, there is no specific provision made for small household items, including book removal. Service providers specializing solely in the collection and removal of books aren’t easy to find, but that doesn’t mean you’re left to manage a library of reading materials on your own. 

Not all private hauling services focus on taking unwanted items to the nearest landfill. Choosing a hauler who is just as dedicated to protecting the environment as they are to offering clients the very best in customer service can be as simple as calling Jiffy Junk. With one phone call, we can make sure you meet your book removal deadline and avoid undue stress.

Book Removal Service Made Easy

Parting with a sizable book collection usually means you’re doing the hard work of downsizing to prepare for a big move, managing the estate of a departed family member, conducting a hoarding mitigation or large-scale purging and organization project. Most of the time, these projects come with inflexible deadlines and a passel of connected responsibilities. Waste management and coordinating the removal of items for donation are only a small part of these large projects, but the lack of a plan for handling disposal and donation transportation can quickly derail all your progress.

Delegating the management of items you no longer want or need allows you to ensure this vital task is handled properly, but also allows you to focus your time and energy on the aspects of your project only you can manage. This is where working with a service provider like Jiffy Junk can make all the difference.

Our extensively trained and knowledgeable collection technicians not only understand the importance of waste management as a component of any large-scale cleaning or organizing project; they also share our commitment to protecting the environment and our dedication to providing true white-glove, full-service removal to residential and commercial customers throughout Palm Beach County. No matter how much you need to remove from your space or where it needs to go when it leaves your property, we can help you find a disposal solution both you and your conscience can feel good about. 

We’ll come to your home or place of business ready to handle any disposal tasks on your to-do list, not just book removal. Service from Jiffy Junk includes not only haul away and ethical disposal, but also all the heavy lifting. There’s no need to risk your health and safety to drag heavy boxes, bins and large items down to the curb for collection. We’ll remove items from where they sit, even if it means uninstalling unwanted appliances and tearing up old carpeting and padding. We’ll take your books off the shelves and load them up for hauling, ensuring anything in usable condition is separated for delivery to local charitable donation centers. 

By diverting books, household goods, gently used furnishings, clothing and toys to donation centers, we’re able to help you keep them in the community, where they can continue to be of use to those in need rather than dumping them in the nearest landfill. Anything we can’t donate, we drop off at recycling centers or seek out sustainable disposal solutions for that do not include the landfill whenever possible. Working hard to minimize our own environmental impact allows us to pass a smaller imprint along to each of our customers, meaning you’re able to walk away from your project with a clean conscience to match your clean space.

When everything is removed from your home or workspace and ready to be hauled away, we’ll make a final pass to ensure the space is swept clean and free of any lingering dust bunnies, so you have a truly blank slate, ready for whatever comes next. Together, we can make the biggest and most overwhelming projects more manageable and far less taxing. Call Jiffy Junk today and find out how you can turn a stressful mess into a greener, more sustainable and more satisfying experience.

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