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Freezer Removal Done Professionally

January 13, 2017.

Hauling out old appliances is heavy duty work best done with the proper equipment, especially moving bulky and awkward freezers. Large appliances are difficult to navigate safely through a building. Their size and weight distribution make them a tip-over risk and difficult to balance on a dolly.

Once the freezer is removed, it must be partially disassembled for safe disposal. Doors must be taken off to prevent a hazard to curious children who may become trapped inside during play while it awaits pickup by a local trash service.

Alternately, you may choose to sell or recycle the freezer. Selling it means it must remain stored somewhere in your home until a serious buyer comes along. Recycling it still requires door removal, plus hauling it yourself to the nearest recycling center on your own time. Your plans for the area where your freezer is located might be delayed in either case.

Commercial freezers require even more work, and experienced professionals who can prepare these larger units for transport. Moving commercial freezers calls for special equipment and much larger capacity hauling containers.

Jiffy Junk – The Freezer Removal Professionals

Jiffy Junk offers the expertise and capabilities you need for quick and easy freezer removal of any size, from any location. If you have an apartment on an upper floor in Sunnyside or a deli in Bayside, we’re the hauling company to call for prompt and efficient service.

Recycling your old freezer is a breeze when you call the folks who know the ropes. Schedule the job for a date and time convenient for you and avoid the hassle of hauling it yourself or waiting on someone else’s schedule. You won’t have to risk injury or property damage doing it yourself or leaving the freezer outside for pickup.

Jiffy Junk will see to it that your freezer is out of the way for your new appliance or whatever else you have in mind for the clean space we leave behind. The Jiffy Junk White Glove Treatment means you don’t have to clean up any mess after the move.  It’s all part of the Jiffy Junk professional service.

Environmentally Friendly Recycling

Your old freezer contains metals and other materials that can be recycled for continued use. This preserves the environment from metal contamination and reduces the need for mining new metals from the earth for manufacturing purposes. Freon and other refrigerants used for appliances also requires special handling for proper disposal.

Jiffy Junk is committed to responsible care of the environment and will provide appliance removal that you can trust will always be in accordance with environmental regulations. Save time, save money, save the planet. Call Jiffy Junk.

We offer appliance removal service, furniture removal, construction debris removal and demolition services too. Our professional hauling service is also available for estate cleanouts and hoarding environments where additional cleanup services may be necessary.

Give us a call or book us online for whatever hauling or cleanup help you need.

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