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Furniture Pickup with Your Schedule in Mind

October 12, 2016.

You’ve got a remodel worked out for your home and everything is planned right down to the last detail – except furniture pickup. The painters will be here Thursday, the floor people Monday, and the furniture guys Wednesday. But wait, you can’t get the local sanitation people to pick up the old furniture until when?

Furniture Pickup When You Need Us

That just won’t do. You need your old things gone before any work on your home project can get started, and you just haven’t got the room to set it all out of the way. You definitely don’t want to haul that ginormous sofa-bed down a flight of stairs, especially if it’s just going to sit in front of your house for a week. There’s got to be a better way.

There is! We’re Jiffy Junk and we don’t work just one day a week. We will arrive at the time you request and haul away your old furniture quickly and cleanly. You don’t have to have your old living room sitting out on the curb waiting for the trash service to come by on their appointed day.

By the way, when you schedule with Jiffy Junk, you get an appointment, not a 4-hour window. We appreciate that your time is valuable, and won’t keep you waiting half the day for us to show up. If your old furniture still has some life in it, we’ll donate it on your behalf to a new home. We’ll even haul out your old carpet while we’re making room in your home.

Dependable, Professional Hauling

You can trust our guys to be professional, courteous, and efficient on every job. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured for the work we do. You can count on us to work fast and leave the work area spotless.

Don’t strain yourself, scuff the walls and risk an accident hauling bulky furniture through the house, down the stairs and out of the house. Let us do the heavy lifting and furniture pickup so you can focus on your home project. We’ll make room for all your new furnishings before they arrive.

So take a look around and think about all the stuff you’d like to see gone, then give us a call. We’ll make it all go away. Need space in the shed? We’ll clear it out. Got too much clutter in the garage or attic? We can create some space for you there. Whether you need junk hauled or a wall torn down and cleaned out, Jiffy Junk has what it takes.

Call us for a free estimate. We guarantee competitive pricing on all of our services and we’ll never charge you more than the estimate we give you for the work you request. Ask about our Bagster pickup service if you’ve got an ongoing cleanup project. We also offer volume pricing for different size jobs.

Jiffy Junk is a locally owned business serving our Long Island neighbors in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and in Queens. Book us online or call us to schedule an appointment. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!

Call Today : 844-JIFFY-NOW | 844-543-3966

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