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Garage Cleanout in Time for Summer

March 8, 2017.

When it’s time for spring cleaning, summer is right around the bend. There’s no doubt that your going to start thinking about how to perform a garage cleanout, before it is too hot out. Using your garage in the summer can be important, if you want to store your summer “toys”, or even just get some much need work done. Whatever the case, if your garage is just too cluttered give a call to the garage clean out experts at Jiffy Junk. We are your number one source for junk removal. We have an expert team that can get your garage cleaned out in a jiff!

Environmentally Conscious Garage Cleanout

At Jiffy Junk we always make sure that when we perform a garage clean out or any other kind of clean out, such as an estate cleanout, that we dispose of all the junk properly. We even determine what junk can be salvaged and given away for charity. To put it simple, we just want to keep this earth healthy. There’s no worries here when it comes to the environment. You can rely on Jiffy Junk to always be on the side of the earth. Keep on going green!

Fast and Efficient

Our goal as a company is right in our name. We are here to get your junk out of that garage in a Jiffy. At the same time our team takes out the time to make sure that your area is left in a clean state after we leave. This is our “White Glove policy”. After we are done cleaning, we break out the brooms and sweep the area that is now relieved of junk. When you choose Jiffy Junk you choose quality work, fast work, and efficiency. You will love how your garage is, after we are there, and that’s why we are the best junk cleanout you can find.

Know How

In some situations you may just not have the means to actually clean your garage, if you are elderly, don’t have the time, or just plain you don’t want to. In any case this task can actually be a difficult and unsafe depending on what needs to be cleaned out. The experts at Jiffy Junk know how to handle any level of garage cleanout from a simple few objects to something that may resemble a hoarder’s home. Your garage may even have items that need to be disassembled. Our team can do it. No matter how big or complicated the task, Jiffy Junk has your back.

Jiffy Junk will always be number one in the Suffolk, Nassau, and Queens counties. We are the team that is here to be environmentally friendly, quick, clean, and efficient. So before summer hits, give Jiffy Junk a call we will be there it a timely manner and get any junk out of your garage that you need. Never hesitate to call and ask any questions you have. Our friendly team can answer any questions you may have. Thanks for considering Jiffy Junk!

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