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Garage Demolition Completion for the New Year

January 6, 2017.

New Year, new you, new yard. It’s time to start the new year off with a garage demolition so you can have the space you need for a whole new yard. You may want to replace your existing garage with a new one, or a pool house. The additional area might be just what you need for a backyard project. Install a pond, a patio with an outdoor kitchen, or a workshop.

Whatever project you have in mind, it won’t get off the ground until that old garage is torn down. Don’t let your spring plans stall while you ponder what to do with all the debris left behind. We’ll help you get the new year started by completing your garage demolition from start to finish.

Garage Demolition and Cleanup

Razing a building creates a lot of debris and involves an assortment of materials. A garage demolition will generate a big load of lumber, insulation, scrap metal and other materials that will need to be sorted for proper disposal or recycling. It’s labor intensive but necessary work to ensure that everything gets recycled in accordance with local regulations.

You will also need a large container to haul away the garage demolition debris. A dumpster rental for the duration of the demolition can get expensive, not to mention a headache while it sits in front of your home or in your driveway. After all, the whole idea was to make room.

Jiffy Junk will clear out your garage in preparation for demolition, then do the work of demolishing it for you. That’s not the end of the work for us, either. We will clean up and haul off the debris so you have the extra space you wanted, ready to use as you wish.

Jiffy Junk – The Safer Alternative

Once your garage demolition is through, the Jiffy Junk White Glove Treatment promises you an area free of potentially harmful materials. Nails, glass shards, sharp metal are just some of the things commonly left behind when a garage demolition is only partially completed. At Jiffy Junk, the job isn’t finished until the cleanup is done.

If there are asbestos shingles, Jiffy Junk has the equipment to handle them and the means to properly dispose of them, so you don’t have to.

Got a construction project in mind to replace that garage? You’re in luck. Jiffy Junk offers construction debris removal service too. We will keep your worksite spic and span to keep your project moving along, saving you time and money.

Call Jiffy Junk for pricing on your garage demolition completion. We can clear out old appliances, furniture or other items you’ve got stored in the garage and around the house. We offer volume pricing to tailor the rates to the size of your job, to cover all phases of your garage demolition or cleanout service.

Get your home or business ready for the warm weather, start off the new year with a garage demolition completion courtesy of Jiffy Junk. We’ll help you turn your future plans into reality in time to enjoy them come springtime.

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