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Garbage Pickup, NYC and Bulk Waste

May 6, 2018.

Is your cleaning project yielding more waste than you can comfortably manage with regular garbage pickup? NYC can be a complicated place to manage an estate or hoarding cleanout, a home renovation or even just a big move. DSNY does offer a host of programs and special pickup services that can be useful in many situations, though they have some limitations when it comes to bulk waste.

Even smaller projects can be completely derailed by the lack of a waste management plan, so it’s wise to plan before you start doing the actual work of removing, sorting and organizing items. For this reason, it pays to spend some time researching your options well in advance.

Bulk Garbage Pickup: NYC Rules and Regulations

At first blush, hauling away bulky items yourself can seem like the most economical option. Spend some time breaking down the many associated costs, though, and you might be surprised by the expense of DIY waste management. This is not to mention, of course, the time investment required and the difficulty you’re likely to face.

Special waste drop-off sites are not accessible to average citizens, so you will be limited in what you can dispose of yourself in the first place. Any large items you can dispose of yourself will still require a vehicle large enough to accommodate them, along with the muscle to get them on and off a truck. Should you misunderstand or simply not know any applicable laws, you could potentially face additional costs in the form of legal issues.

DSNY does offer special bulk programs, but you’ll need to make appointments for any items larger than 4’x3′. All mattresses must be bagged in special mattress bags designed to prevent the spread of bedbugs. Failure to bag a mattress can net you a $100 fine, and the bags are not provided by the city. Refrigerators must have hinges and locking mechanisms removed, and any appliance manufactured before 2010 and containing Freon will require a special appointment due to the environmentally hazardous coolant.

What about construction or renovation waste? If you did all the work yourself and didn’t hire anyone to aid in completing a project, you’re allowed to place up to six bundles or bags at the curb for pickup. If anyone was hired to facilitate the project, though, putting the resulting debris out for collection is technically a violation of the law.

Making Sense of NYC Disposal Laws

You don’t have time to become an expert on federal, state and local disposal laws, and you certainly don’t want to risk legal complications for a cleaning project.

Our trained and experienced Jiffy Junk technicians are experts in their field, so you never have to worry about researching the law before you dispose of bulk items. Because we believe firmly in protecting the environment, we’ll even drop off serviceable items at donation centers on the way to recycling centers. We make landfill dumping our very last option, so residential and commercial clients throughout all five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk Counties can feel good about their waste management choices.

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