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Monitor Recycling Can Get the Lead Out

January 11, 2017.

Now that you’re ready to take the plunge again and buy a new computer, do you know what to do with your current equipment? Not sure how to recycle your computer monitor?

It used to be a simple thing to upgrade our electronic devices. Whenever the latest model computer or cell phone came out, for instance, we could always find someone who could use our older model. There were schools, shelters and charities to whom you could donate your outdated devices.

Nowadays, there are more electronic devices relegated to the scrap heap than ever before, and more frequently. Consequently, the market for older electronics is tighter and more discriminating. At the same time, there are numerous materials in those old electronics that threaten the environment if they are disposed of improperly.

Jiffy Junk Does Responsible Monitor Recycling

All electronic devices are manufactured with a variety of materials, some of which are toxic, many of which are recyclable, and all of which need special considerations regarding proper disposal. The importance of recycling is greater than ever, given the scarcity of demand for legacy equipment. Technology is rendering our old devices obsolete so quickly that the older equipment just isn’t easy to pass on to someone else anymore.

The good news is that ethical recycling of computer monitors allows for re-use of some very expensive – and potentially harmful – materials. The circuit boards in your old monitor contain lead, cadmium, mercury and other elements that are hazardous to the environment. Local and federal legislation mandate how these materials are to be disposed of, which can be onerous for the average consumer to follow.

We at Jiffy Junk share our Long Island neighbors’ commitment to the environment, and to making the most of our precious resources. Recycling helps reduce manufacturing costs for electronic devices, as well as the need for the costly mining of those materials for next-generation devices.

Call Us for All Your Recycling and Cleanup Jobs

Jiffy Junk makes junk hauling and waste removal a breeze. We have the experience and resources to recycle your old electronic devices, appliances or scrap materials. If you’ve got furniture that needs to be picked up or construction debris that needs to be cleaned up, there’s only one place you need to call.

Whether it’s garbage pickup in Queens or shed demolition in Riverhead, we are a just a phone call away ready to help. We will accommodate any size task you have with reasonable rates scaled to fit the job as well as your budget. Contact us or book online to schedule your no-risk estimate, courtesy of one of our friendly professionals. We will never charge you more for the job than the quote we give you.

Choose your next computer monitor with confidence, knowing that your old one is in good hands. Jiffy Junk will haul away your unwanted materials and leave you with clean space and peace of mind. Jiffy Junk Haulers are your reliable and affordable partners in environmentally responsible recycling. Let us take the stress out of keeping up with technology. Give us a call today!

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