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Cleaning Out the Attic: Essential Tasks

April 19, 2017.

Spring has sprung and with it comes a chore list of things begging to be done. Among those might be cleaning out the attic. Regardless of where you’ve numbered this on your list, there are a few things to consider when checking it off.

Pre-Sorting Belongings

Pre-sorting your belongings will help speed things along. This effort will help avoid discarding things with value, sentimental or monetary. If the item doesn’t hold either of those, it’s probably best to part with it. The less clutter kept, the less chance of providing a home for unwanted creatures or dirt.

If you have far too many belongings or the state of your attic is worse than originally thought, Jiffy Junk offers attic cleanup services so that you don’t have to brave the task at all.

Evaluate Window and Door Seals

Once all boxes and belongings have been sorted and moved, it’s important to check all your attic window and door seals for potential leaks. If there are broken seals, critters could take advantage and make themselves at home. No one likes an unexpected house guest that overstays his or her welcome, especially if they’re threatening to destroy anything you find meaningful.

Check Insulation

While you are up there, check the insulation. Any that happens to be damp or has mold needs to be replaced. Insulation keeps your home feeling comfortable and prevents differences in temperature from room to room. The insulation in your attic helps keep your home energy efficient – cool in the summer, warm in the winter. Make sure it is distributed evenly to avoid areas where moisture could collect.

Making sure your insulation is dry can help prevent mold and moisture problems which can lead to issues such as decay and allergies. With properly sealed seams and dry insulation, your home can continue promising comfort and protection.

Next, Call Us

Once the sorting has been done, it is time to contact us to help with the final clean out. We’ll haul away the junk you no longer want and also offer cleaning services if needed, including dusting and vacuuming around the belongings you’ve decided to keep. If you’re concerned about sending waste to the landfill, we donate salvageable items to local charities or bring them to a recycling center as much as possible.

Checking off a box on the old to-do list has never been this simple. If you live near Queens or Nassau and Suffolk Counties, call Jiffy Junk today at 844-543-3966.

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