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Got Big Junk? Removal Services for Large Jobs in Palm Beach County

May 29, 2020.

Cleaning and organizing is never easy, but it can be a particular challenge when you’ve got big junk. Removal services and municipal bulk pickup options can be difficult to navigate, especially when you’re not sure how they work or if they even suit your needs. Fortunately, arming yourself with just a bit of relevant information can help you make the best decision for your project.

For residents of Palm Beach County, options are plentiful but it’s important to examine them all before making a choice. Some, like municipal bulk pickup, can seem like the best and most straightforward option on paper but don’t quite work out so well in practice. Learn more about the limitations and drawbacks, along with all the ways you can quickly and easily streamline waste management for even the largest projects.

The Ins and Outs of Palm Beach County Big Junk Removal Services and Municipal Programs

At first blush, the same municipal service you rely upon for weekly household garbage disposal can seem like the most logical option. After all, the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County does a great job of providing twice-weekly trash pickup and working to keep the area clean. When it comes to bulk disposal, though, things aren’t quite so cut and dried.

Not so long ago, residents of unincorporated Palm Beach County were allowed to place a large number of bulky items at the curb for collection, up to twice each week. With few limitations and a substantial number of collection days, many residents found themselves navigating waste-strewn curbs on a regular basis. In October of 2019, municipal ordinances were amended to effectively halve the number of bulk pickup days, and to place limitations on how much could be collected from each household every week.

This means you’ll need to pay close attention to the guidelines, ensuring you’re complying with significantly more stringent rules than this time last year. You may also want to consider where all that waste winds up at the end of the day; not so surprisingly, the vast majority is carted directly to the nearest landfill. Even furniture and household items in usable condition are dumped, removing them from the community while also adding to the overall landfill burden.

All of this is contingent, of course, on residents’ physical ability to lug heavy, ungainly and often awkward items down to the curb for collection in the first place. You’ll also want to consider the impact of SWA restrictions on your schedule; if you’re forced to put items out piecemeal in order to comply with limitations, it could take several weeks to rid your property of all those castoff items. For those facing only self-imposed deadlines, this is inconvenient and can hamper productivity. If you’re on a tight schedule, you may not have several weeks to wait for everything to be collected.

It can be tempting, when faced with the limitations of municipal hauling services, to simply load up a truck and take off toward the nearest charitable donation centers and recycling facilities. Unless you have ready access to a suitable vehicle, though, you’ll be facing considerable costs. Rental, insurance, administrative and fueling expenses can add up quickly, and the time investment required is significant. Even moderate-sized jobs can require multiple trips to a handful of separate locations, which means you’re devoting entire days and no small amount of physical labor into just taking out the trash. When you’re finished, all the other items on your to-do list will still be waiting.

What if you could quickly, easily and ethically outsource all your disposal needs? By relying on private haulers who specialize in big junk removal service, you can speed up your project considerably. Choose one who also focuses on greener disposal practices, and you can minimize your project’s impact on the environment while maximizing its positive impact on the community.

Choosing the Right Big Junk Removal Service

At Jiffy Junk, we understand that big projects can cause big headaches. We also know you want to do right by your community, the environment and the planet as a whole.

When we come to your home or place of business to remove unwanted items, debris, trash and assorted junk, we take a different approach. Anything in usable condition is immediately separated so it can be transported to local donation centers. This keeps your old sofa or castoff dining furniture in the community where it can do some good, rather than only partially breaking down in a landfill. Because we’re equally committed to providing the very best in customer service, we provide white-glove removal that allows you to take a truly hands-off approach to waste.

We’ll uninstall old appliances, tear out old carpeting and remove even the heaviest furniture from where it sits in your home, no questions asked. You don’t have to worry about sorting for recycling or dragging items to the curb; we’ll do all the work while you focus on all the aspects of your project that can’t be outsourced. When it’s all said and done, you’re left with a clean space and a clean conscience.

N95 breathing protection and gloves are uniform standard for our experienced and knowledgeable removal technicians, but we can provide full Tyvek suits for your comfort during the COVID-19 health crisis. We can also arrange truly contact-free disposal, as well as providing sanitizing services to ensure the safest possible environment through the pandemic. Our hospital-grade sanitizing solution is EPA-rated, free of chlorine, bleach and corrosive chemicals to disinfect all non-porous surfaces, with no rinse required.

Best of all, we provide all these services on your schedule. No more worrying about how to navigate the limitations of municipal services; with a single phone call, we can handle any job efficiently, ethically and with an exceptional focus on customer service. Contact us today to learn how we do big junk removal differently, and how we can help you to complete any size project in no time at all.

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