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Haul Away Junk Before the Winter Months

August 12, 2016.

Before you know it, the holiday season will be upon us and you’ll have no time to haul away junk. You’ll be too busy bringing boxes down from the attic, to decorate the yard for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year. Not to mention any parties you may have planned!

Suffice it to say that now is the time to haul away your junk so you can reach those decorations and have room to set them up in your yard. Let Jiffy Junk prepare your home for guests and give you some extra storage space. You know you’re going to need it after the holidays!

Winter is Coming

With the colder winter temps on the way, Islanders will soon be stoking up fireplaces, wood-burning stoves and space heaters again. Clutter in storage spaces can restrict air flow, even create fire hazards. Junk buried under snow presents additional safety risk. The earlier you can dispense with unwanted materials around the home, the better.

Clear out the junk from your retail store before gearing up for the holiday season. Jiffy Junk will haul away junk from your commercial or residential property. Don’t let the coming winter sneak up on you and leave you out in the cold.

We Can Haul Away Junk

In just a few short and busy months, you’ll be bringing some of your outdoor gear back indoors. Pool supplies, water skis, kayaks, bicycles, grills and all those toys you’ve enjoyed during the summer will soon enough need to go back in storage. Stay ahead of the game and book us to haul away junk that’s taking up valuable space in your home, garage or storage shed.

Jiffy Junk will make sure you can reach those shovels, and the snow blower when you need them. Avoid having to deal with junk when there’s snow and ice on the ground. Give yourself some added real estate near the house for firewood. Let Jiffy Junk make it all possible with just one phone call.

When the days get shorter and busier, you could find yourself putting off that needed cleanup until spring. No one wants to have to haul away junk on icy steps and pavement. At Jiffy Junk, we’re here for you year-round, so you won’t have to weather the junk removal on your own.

Risk-Free Estimates

Schedule an appointment with us and we’ll give you a no-risk quote for hauling your junk away. There’s no charge to you unless you book with us, and we’ll never charge more than the price we quote you. We’ll be there until the job is done, all on a schedule that works for you.

Call Jiffy Junk for professional and reliable junk hauling in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens. We recycle and donate items for you too! All of our waste removal is done in accordance with state and local guidelines. Save yourself time for those other holiday chores you’ve got to do, and leave the junk hauling to us. You’ll be glad you made the call and will love the job we do. That’s a promise!

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