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Hoarder Cleanup Help for Families

November 9, 2016.

Many of us know someone, either a family member or neighbor, who seems to hold on to everything – a hoarder. There may be any number of reasons why a hoarder hoards, including, according to the American Psychiatric Association, a mental disorder. For these reasons, it’s important to be sensitive to a situation where a loved one is prone to hoarding. When a family needs hoarder cleanup help, they deserve that same sensitivity from those they turn to for assistance.

At Jiffy Junk, we understand the phenomenon of hoarding and the difficulties it can cause both family and neighbors. As much as all those things mean to the person hoarding them, the result is an unsafe environment. Hoarding can present a fire or health hazard; cause residents to lose their homes. When conditions get extreme enough in the home of a hoarder, even the structural integrity of the home itself can be at risk.

Reliable and Respectful Hoarder Cleanup Help

Jiffy Junk are the experienced and compassionate professionals your family deserves when you choose to intervene on behalf of a loved one, or clean out a home after they have passed. Whatever led you to reach out, Jiffy Junk stands ready to help you get through the task with minimal stress. We will clear out the hoarding environment and dispose of the belongings per your instructions. We will donate on your behalf, recycle materials responsibly and treat your hoarder with dignity and respect.

Since hoarding can create an unsafe environment, it’s important that a cleanup effort be handled properly to safeguard the property and its occupants. At Jiffy Junk, we know how to approach a tough job like hoarder cleanup safely and efficiently. We have the resources to handle any size job so your family can rest assured it will be done quickly. We will leave behind a thoroughly clean, safe and sanitary environment when the work is completed.

Call for Professional Assistance

Jiffy Junk is experienced in the disposal of hazardous materials also, which are often found in hoarding situations. You can rely on us to be as environmentally sensitive as we are to you and your family. Everything will be done in strict adherence to local, state and federal guidelines. If your hoarder’s home is in violation of a health ordinance or fire code, you need to be sure that the cleanup is done properly and completely. That is the Jiffy Junk way.

If you have a hoarder in the family, Jiffy Junk will be the hoarder cleanup help for you. We offer volume pricing so you can get the work done affordably as well as efficiently. We will work around your schedule, not the other way around. Contact us online to book your hoarder cleanup or call for a quote. We will give you a no-risk estimate, you will never pay more than your quoted price for the work you book us to do.

Jiffy Junk also offers furniture and appliance removal. We will haul out carpeting, construction debris and clean out sheds or garages on the property also.

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