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Hoarding Cleanup Services for the Overwhelmed Caretaker

February 6, 2017.

There is a lot of responsibility to look after for a property caretaker. The job can be downright overwhelming when the property you are caring for is a hoarding environment. Hoarding cleanup services tends to be a big job by nature. Hoarders store items compulsively, to the point where all available space is filled with goods or debris.

Clean up in these situations requires more than just manpower and materials, it calls for a sensitive and caring approach. The work itself demands thoroughness, given the nature of a hoarding environment. There can be issues with pests, health and safety hazards that require professional treatment.

Jiffy Junk has the expertise and equipment to handle hoarding cleanup work for the overwhelmed caretaker. When you are left with a mountain of cleanup that you don’t how to tackle on your own, we’re here to clean house for you.

Restore Your Property with Our Hoarding Cleanup Services

Cleaning up after a hoarder takes a lot of work. There are likely all sorts of materials and junk. All that stuff needs to be sorted before recycling or disposal. It takes a systematic and efficient approach to handle a hoarding situation quickly, but it must be thorough too. Unsanitary conditions add another layer of difficulty, as well as the presence of hazardous materials.

Our hoarding cleanup services include a complete sanitary cleaning of the premises after bagging and hauling away all that clutter. And we do it with the respect and dignity that we believe each person we meet deserves. You won’t have to lift a finger, handle any hazardous materials or make any trips to a waste management location across town.

Avoid the hassle and expense of renting a waste container and making room for it on your property. Get your property cleaned and restored to normal quickly. Jiffy Junk will have your home ready for sale or occupancy with minimal loss of time and money. Our rates are reasonable and priced to the size of the job.

Other Jiffy Junk Services

If you own a residential or commercial property, you might want to keep our phone number handy. Jiffy Junk offers a full range of cleanup and hauling services to help you maintain your property. Some of our other services include:

  • Construction Debris Removal – When you are remodeling or renovating, we’ll get the cleanup work taken care of to keep your skilled labor free to do the work you hired them to do.
  • Furniture Removal – Got a rental unit to clean out for your next guest or tenant? Let us haul away your old furniture. We will recycle or donate it for you.
  • Carpet Removal – Efficient and fast hauling of your old carpeting. Save your back and lots of time, let us tear it out, roll it up and do the heavy lifting.
  • Appliance Pickup – It’s often difficult to get trash pickup for those big appliances you need to replace. When you do find a service that will pick them up, you must dismantle them in many cases for safety reasons. We will pick up your appliances right where they are. No need to haul them out to the curb for pickup.
  • Office Cleanouts – If you are remodeling your business, or moving in or out of a commercial space, Jiffy Junk will provide the labor and expertise that will make the job go smoothly and quickly.

In Nassau or Suffolk County, and in Queens, call us today to schedule your next cleanup or hauling job.

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