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Hoarding Resources for Cleanup in Long Island and NYC

May 4, 2016.

If you have a family member who is afraid to throw things away, you may need hoarding help. Approximately 5% of Americans have a true compulsive hoarding disorder, one that is debilitating in many ways. Their homes can become health hazards for the occupants and even for their neighbors in some cases.

Hoarding Resources:

Recommended Websites

It is important to understand that there is a difference between someone who is a collector or has a cluttered home and someone with a true hoarding disorder. is one great resource for families and friends who feel their loved one may have moved across the line to a true mental disorder. The site provides distinctions between tendencies towards clutter and those who truly need help on a professional level. Another site, specifically targeted towards hoarding in New York, is

Psychological/Emotional Support

As the disorder has become more widely publicized through television shows including Hoarders and Hoarding: Buried Alive, support for families and for hoarders themselves has become more available. There are several therapists in Long Island and New York City who advertise services available for treating hoarding disorder.

Dealing with the root psychological issue is essential and truly should be the first step in getting help for someone with a hoarding disorder, but the cleanup and disposal of the physical accumulation of the hoarder still need to be dealt with. Where do you look for this type of help with the results of hoarding?

Cleanup Help: Strategy and Plan

Cleanup. This is always a big job. Oftentimes, the mounds of ‘stuff’ need to be gone through to determine what goes to the landfill, what should be recycled or sold and what should be kept. For someone with hoarding disorder, this process can be extremely painful. Family members and friends also need to remember that getting rid of the clutter will not solve the problem. Until the psychological issues are dealt with, the hoarding compulsion will continue.

Creating a plan for the cleanup and disposal of the hoard is essential. Without a plan, the project can be overwhelming and take much longer than needed.

Map out a strategy of where you will start. Working through the home one room at a time, generally beginning at the entrance to the home, will help provide a visual evidence of progress being made. Gather or hire a team to do the actual sorting and cleanup, according to the plan created. Schedule pickup and hauling services to remove debris, furniture and unwanted items from the home and the outdoor area surrounding the house. If the hoard includes a large number of pets, they should, of course, be the first to be removed and taken to an animal shelter for proper care.

At Jiffy Junk, we are well aware that Long Island and NYC are not immune to hoarding disorder. It affects people of all different walks of life and financial status. We are here to help and are experienced with this situation. Our workers are compassionate and understanding. Call us when you are ready.

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