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Home Cleaning Checklist: How To Recycle And Reduce Junk

October 23, 2019.

Keeping your house clean and clear of trash is imperative. It’s a healthy practice and also keeps your house looking perfect. But you don’t need to throw out all the trash. 

There are plenty of junk recycling opportunities in your house. Yes, you can look up junk removal services in your area but if you can do some recycling and save yourself some money then why not do it yourself? 

Waste reduction through recycling is not only a good option for cleaning but is also a more environment-friendly choice. We here at Jiffy Junk has made an extensive list. 

Here we listed everything that you can recycle in three of the rooms that produce the most waste in your house. The rooms that we will be discussing are the kitchen, the bathroom, and the laundry room. 

If you follow the list then you will have a clean house and reduce your carbon footprint as well. Its a win-win for everyone. So the passages below will be the list which will allow you to remove junk by recycling or reusing waste.

The Kitchen

The kitchen produces a lot of waste that comes out of your house. It single-handedly produces almost every sort of junk out there. 

From plastic and paper bags from the stores and restaurants and food containers, the carbon footprint you can leave from your kitchen trash is huge. So here are some ways you can reduce that in your kitchen.

Using Reusable Towels

Kitchen spills are inevitable. And for that, we usually use to clean up the random spills that happen are paper towels. That creates junk. You can easily avoid this by using reusable towels or cloth pads. 

Trust me they are just as absorbent and you can easily throw them in the laundry when at the end of the day. Cloth napkins are a good choice for this as well. 

Get A Mug For Travelling

Disposable cups are a big polluting factor. You use them once and then you throw them away. Instead of using disposable cups when traveling you should get a travel mug. 

These are extremely adept in keeping the temperature perfect for your beverage and they come in various shapes and sizes.

Using Reusable Shopping Bags

Whenever you go to the grocery or deli and you are taking home paper bags every time you are inadvertently creating trash. Instead, try using reusable shopping bags. 

If you look around many customers are now bringing in their own bags to ensure that they lessen the junk in their life. There are cloth bags and nylon bags that you can use for a long time. 

You can take them whenever you go shopping. This way you can lessen the amount of trash you are creating through plastic bags and containers. Recycling and reusing the same bags is a healthy alternative to increasing your carbon footprint.

Mesh Bags

Instead of using little plastic bags that the grocery shops provide you can simply bring your own mesh bags. 

This way you create less trash. You can easily just give them a was every now and then and they are ready to reuse.

Try Composting

Composting is a great way to lessen the junk you create from your kitchen. You have a lot of food trash. 

You can easily compost these things. Junk like veggie peels, coffee grounds, and eggshells can easily be thrown in a food container and fed to the worms. 


One of the most common types of junk that your kitchen creates is from tea bags. 

Why use tea bags when you can easily use fresh tea and infusers and tea balls. These will give you a refreshing tea while cutting down on your junk output.

Sandwich Bags

Using reusable sandwich bags is a great opportunity to lessen your junk output. 

If you are one of those people who use one time bags every time you take a sandwich out then this is for you. You can simply wash it later and then keep on using it.

Homemade Dish Soap

The cost of dish soaps can easily accumulate but what’s worse is the plastic containers and packaging it creates. To avoid this you can use simple DIY techniques to create dish soap that you can use in your kitchen. 

Simply make and store the soap in a reusable container. This way you are not only creating less trash but also junk recycling as well. You can try out this recipe for your homemade dish soap.

Using A Water filter

It’s baffling to me that people are still buying plastic water bottles even after the well-publicized BPA health concerns regarding them. 

You can simply get a water filter and get clean clear purified water for your home. On top of that, there are plenty of cute reusable water bottle options out there for you. 

You don’t really have to use plastic water bottles ever again and you really shouldn’t if you are thinking about your carbon footprint. 

Coffee Filters

I know that coffee is a morning ritual that cannot be sacrificed. But what you can do is basically not use one-time coffee filters. These filters create unnecessary trash that you don’t want to create. 

This is why you should get reusable coffee filters these will last you a long time and you will create less junk as well. You can find them in the hemp or even stainless steel if you want.

Bring Back The Lunchboxes

Its time to bring the lunchboxes back. You should ditch the sandwich boxes and use lunchboxes. 

Lunch boxes are really fun to use and have a very long shelf life. 


I love CSA. This is a great initiative that communities take up to reduce the junk output from their community. 

CSA or Community Supported Agriculture will ensure that you don’t need to use plastic bags or any other packaging for your products. Plus you get fresh farm produce every time.

Frequent Farmers Markets

This is like the CSA. If you are frequently going to the farmers’ markets then you will reduce the trash created while also supporting your local community of farmers. 

Glass Containers

Instead of using Tupperware you should most definitely switch to glass. Trust me it is a much better alternative. 

Glass is the perfect storage unit because it will never be trash and you will never have to throw it out. 

Why? Well, because it does not absorb scents and stains from the food. This is why I always suggest people utilize glass containers to store food items more. 


One of the great agitators of modern pollution is the take out culture that we have. More and more people have been using take out services. 

This creates a tonne of trash from home with plastic bags, containers, straws, and etc You shouldn’t only skip take out and fast food for less junk but for ensuring health as well. 

When you cook for your family you ensure that fresh, healthier meals infused with vitamins and minerals are being eaten. This guarantees a healthier lifestyle. 

Get Into DIY

The DIY scene is a great place for junk recyclers like you and me. Getting into the DIY scene will mean you will learn new and innovative tricks, tips, methods, and hacks to use in daily life. 

One of the biggest aspects of DIY is to show sustainable green hacks and tips that are great recycling opportunities. 

You can learn to make amazing healthy new foods and learn to utilize the junk you create into fun new things that you can use. Not only will you be savvier but you will also be limiting your environmental impact.

Your Own Garden

If you have the means then you should most definitely make your own garden. 

Even if you don’t you will easily be able to have some pots and containers where you will be able to grow some of your own fruits and veggies. This way you can easily avoid going to the store for everything.


Sponges are not known for their longevity. They easily get dirty and you need to replace them continuously. 

This is why it is much better to use dishcloths. They are easy to clean and last a much longer time than the average sponges. 

Buying Less Or Not Buying Single Serving Products

If you are buying foods and other things you should see how much you are creating packaging junk. 

Those junk are usually unrecyclable so try buying in bulk and reduce as much as you can but the best option is to see if you can cook yourself.

Stop Using Straws

Straws are made out of plastic. Straws are one-time use only so every time you use one it turns into trash. This is as you already know bad for the environment. You should use steel straws at home. 

This way you don’t create any plastic junk. Many cities have already started banning straws being used in restaurants so they really are a big problem for the environment.

Bathroom Disposal by JiffyJunk

The Bathroom 

The bathroom like your kitchen is another room in the house where a lot of junk is created. Now I am not saying you need to stop using shampoo, soap, and other toiletries. 

You can use all these and still lessen your junk creation through junk recycling and using other different methods. Here are some things you can do to lessen the environmental impact of your bathroom waste.

Using Handkerchiefs

Whether you catch a cold or wiping your hand you usually use tissues. That is simply creating waste. 

So instead it is better if you use handkerchiefs. You can wash and reuse them for a long time.

Family Cloth

This is a bit of a controversial idea as most families are not accustomed to it. Family cloths allow for the most sustainable output as it creates the least amount of junk. 

Once you get into the habit of using one then it doesn’t seem that daunting anymore.

Menstrual Cups

Women use a lot of pads and tampons throughout their lifetime. That accumulates to waste as well. 

Many women who are now going for a sustainable choice have switched to menstrual cups. These are reusable and help create a little less waste.

Using Safety Razor

You should switch to safety razors rather than disposable ones. 

This way you don’t need to throw them away just after one use.

DIY Cleaning Products

Bathroom cleaning products come in plastic bottles and containers. Well as you already know these are junk that harms the environment. 

You can simply cut down on this if you make your own cleaning products. You can find many blogs offering you information.

Using Bar Soap Shampoos

Shampoo bottles are unnecessary plastic waste that you can easily avoid. You can simply use shampoos that come in bar soap form. 

This way you reduce the waste output and have a clean head of hair. And you can make them at home as well.

Reduce junk from your laundry room by JiffyJunk

The Laundry Room

Your laundry room creates a lot of waste each month. If you look carefully you will see that you throw away a fair share of laundry detergent containers and dryer sheets. 

Here are some ways to reduce junk from your laundry room.

Using Dryer Balls

Dryer balls are an overall better option for you not only do they make your clothes soft and fragrant they are also a more eco-friendly option than using dryer sheets.

DIY Laundry Soap

You can easily make laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer balls at home. 

This also gives you an opportunity to do some good old junk recycling by reusing old containers. You can check out a great laundry detergent recipe here on this blog.

Donating Old Clothes, Pillows & Blankets

Why throw away old clothes, pillows & blankets when someone else can easily use them? 

Just donate them to a charity or goodwill. 

Recycling Junk To Enhance Sustainable Living by Jiffy Junk

Recycling Junk To Enhance Sustainable Living

There you have it the list of things you can do in your home to reduce junk in your household. While these do seem like a lot we have barely scratched the surface here. 

There are plenty of other junk recycling techniques and ways you can reduce the trash in your home. Try looking up more ways to create a healthy living environment. 

Now with that being said, you cannot do all types of junk recycling and removal yourself. You will eventually need professional help. This is where Jiffy Junk’s eco-friendly service comes in. 

We will recycle junk or remove and dispose of it in a green sustainable and eco-friendly way so that you don’t feel guilty about it. If you need Junk removed the right way Jiffy Junk is the place to be.

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