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Home Junk Removal: Start the Year Out Right

January 9, 2017.

Now is the time to make plans for your home in time for Spring! You have great plans for your home once the warm weather returns, and Jiffy Junk is here to help you get ready, with affordable home junk removal.

Every project starts with preparation, and goes more smoothly with a clean slate. For homeowners in Queens and on Long Island, that means clearing out the junk you no longer need so you can have the space you need to bring new ideas to life.

It isn’t easy parting with old stuff. Sometimes it’s a matter of how to dispose of it. Do you sell it off, put it out for trash pickup, donate, or recycle? Whatever means you choose to make room for your new plans, Jiffy Junk offers a fast and affordable solution.

Timely, Cost-efficient Home Junk Removal

If you decide to sell your old things, it can take a while to find serious buyers, and a lot of people coming and going until then. Getting a price for your old junk that pays for all that time is always a gamble. You may choose to donate or recycle it all, which likewise are time-consuming choices. Hauling it all away to the recipient or recycling center takes time you can be spending more productively. In the meantime, you can’t use the space all that junk is currently occupying.

Disposal can be a hassle too, as most Long Island and Queens residents are at the mercy of restrictive pickup schedules and disposal regulations. Local trash services commonly limit their home junk removal services to specific days and may not accept everything you need to be rid of.  Not to mention the fact that all that junk must sit out front until they arrive. Alternately, you can let it take up space in your home until then.

Jiffy Junk: A Junk Hauling Service that Puts You in Charge

Jiffy Junk values your time and space as much as you do. We believe you deserve a home junk removal service that respects that value, so you can focus on other things. Things like what you can do with all the extra space we’ll leave you after the junk’s been hauled away.

Take control of your time and make your home or business plans a reality on your schedule. Call Jiffy Junk for prompt and courteous home junk removal. We will take care of the cleanup, recycling the materials and disposing of the rest in an environmentally responsible way. Jiffy Junk is committed to adherence to all local and federal guidelines for proper home junk removal.

Give us a call today, or book an appointment online for a no-hassle, risk-free quote on your home junk removal. We will handle any size job you have, with volume pricing that guarantees affordable rates. Get your home junk removal done on your schedule. Contact your friendly, reliable hauling service on Long Island and in Queens.

Jiffy Junk is dedicated to providing respectful and reliable junk hauling service to our neighbors in Nassau and Suffolk Counties and Queens, with our White Glove Treatment. We will leave you a clean space where your old junk used to be. That’s a promise.

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