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House Clean Out: What to Do with All That Stuff

November 30, 2016.

After the holiday blitz, you may find yourself wondering what happened to all the extra space in your house. New purchases, winter clothing pulled out of mothballs and Christmas gifts need storage space, so you decide some of your old stuff needs to go. Time for a house clean out, so what will you do with all that old stuff?

If your home needs a good clean out, the sooner you can get it all hauled away, the more time you will have to enjoy that added space, and plan how to use it. During the cold winter months when you’re spending more time indoors, it can feel claustrophobic under the best circumstances. When you’ve got a lot of stuff taking up space, you can really feel closed in.

Jiffy Junky to the rescue. We will pack up and haul off whatever junk or old goods you would like to see gone from your home. Our guys will tackle those old heavy appliances and get them out of your way quickly and safely. You can avoid the hazards of basement or attic stairways, the risk of scratching your floors and walls, or wrenching your back moving all that stuff yourself.

Fast, Professional House Clean Out Service

We have the experience and equipment to make quick work of it all, and will always dispose of everything responsibly. We will recycle materials that are recyclable, and donate any items on your behalf that still have some life left in them.

Got more than just plain old stuff to clean out? No problem. Jiffy Junk will handle any size or type of cleanup you’ve got. We do construction debris cleanups, estate clean outs and hoarding clean outs. Instead of paying for a large dumpster that will sit it out in front of your home for however long it takes you to DIY, let us clear it all out in a jiffy, for a fraction of the cost.

Before you know it, you’ll be facing those cold Long Island winter days. You don’t have to haul that old stuff over icy pavement in freezing weather. Jiffy Junk haulers will save you time and money by doing it all fast with our White Glove Treatment. We’ll leave nothing behind but clean space for you to enjoy.

Get more space for that new big screen TV or electric fireplace. Relax and binge watch those Netflix shows you’ve been missing. We’ve got you covered for your house clean out. Jiffy Junk offers volume pricing too. Our rates are scaled to the size of the job you have. Call us or book us online to schedule a no-risk estimate. We will never charge you more than our quoted price for the work.

Jiffy Junk is the premier junk hauling service in Nassau and Suffolk Counties and the Borough of Queens. We are committed to delivering quality, reliable and respectful customer service to our Long Island neighbors, on every job. Let us help you make your life simpler and more spacious, the Jiffy Junk way.

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