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How Junk Disposal Services of Palm Beach County Help Planet Earth

January 22, 2019.

Trying to coordinate a big disposal project is stressful enough; the last thing you need to add to your plate is worry about the environmental impact you’ll have when it’s all said and done. Junk disposal services may not seem like the greenest and most ethical option when it comes to large-scale disposal, but you might be surprised to learn just how much the right private hauler can offset your carbon footprint. When you choose a service provider who places the highest value on finding sustainable paths for discarded items and materials, it can make a world of difference.

Palm Beach County recycling programs are among the most successful in the state, but there are limitations to large-scale municipal waste management. Only certain items are capable of being processed through existing municipal facilities, but the vigor with which these recycling systems have been adopted by Palm Beach County residents is a strong indicator of the general public’s dedication to doing their part for future generations. We know you want to take every reasonable measure to mitigate your carbon footprint, even when you’re facing larger tasks. That’s why we make a point of offering not only the most comprehensive full-service hauling solution, but also the most ecologically-minded.

The Environmental Impact of Junk Disposal Services vs Municipal Pickup

Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County provides exceptional waste pickup services to residential services, including two days each week of bulk item and household waste pickup. Any discarded appliances, unwanted furniture and other items left at the curb alongside your regular household waste will be picked up, provided you adhere to all rules and regulations. This means any glass panes, mirrors or table tops must be shattered and placed in solid containers, not plastic bags, and weigh less than fifty pounds. Doors on appliances, particularly refrigerators, washers, dryers and freezers must either be removed or securely sealed to ensure children aren’t able to crawl inside and become trapped. 

Construction debris is collected by Solid Waste Authority, but only on a small scale. Residential customers can place up to two cubic yards of waste at the curb on regular collection days, but it must be in solid containers or sealed bags weighing no more than fifty pounds. Discarded carpeting may also be placed out for collection, but only after it has been cut to four-foot lengths weighing less than fifty pounds. Anything other than rolled carpeting left on the ground will not be collected, nor will items which don’t adhere to all Solid Waste Authority guidelines.

Where does it all go, though? When SWA comes to collect your unwanted furniture, it’s not taken to the nearest donation or recycling center; it heads straight for the landfill. Not even plastic furniture is accepted by SWA recycling, so this means Palm Beach County residents in the middle of a big cleaning project may find themselves in a bit of a quandary. How do you balance the importance of sustainable, ethical disposal against the limitations of municipal waste management and recycling programs? When your local municipal recycling facilities can’t manage items like plastic shopping bags, it’s not always easy to find an earth-friendly way to get rid of everything on your list.

When Junk Disposal Services Make It Easier to Go Green

While it’s certainly true that not all junk disposal services are created equal, there are those who make a point of offering more sustainable and ethical disposal options to their customers in Palm Beach County. Among them, only a select few are committed to both ethical disposal and providing customers with the full-service, white-glove treatment.

At Jiffy Junk, we know it’s possible to do what’s best for our customers while still doing what’s right for the planet. Our trained and experienced techs will come to your residential or commercial property to provide the very best in comprehensive, eco-friendly junk disposal services. The customers we serve include, but are not limited to:

  • Estate Managers–Finding yourself with the responsibility of managing the estate of a loved one is already difficult, and the stress of trying to respectfully manage what’s left behind makes it almost unbearable. Our white-glove approach means you’re able to leave everything where it sits so we can do all the heavy lifting. We’ll uninstall appliances, remove unwanted items and dispose of them ethically, leaving you with a broom-clean space ready for sale or transfer to a new occupant.
  • Rental Property Owners–Tenants sometimes leave a mess behind themselves, especially if they’ve been evicted or otherwise left under less than ideal terms. We know you need everything cleaned up and ready for new tenants as soon as possible, so we make sure you’re able to manage waste and junk removal with a single phone call.
  • Homeowners–Whether you’re cleaning out the closets or completely renovating your home, there are times when you’ve just got more waste than you can reasonably manage. There’s no job too large or too small for our expert techs, and we make it easy to achieve any of your home cleaning, organization and remodeling tasks without waste impeding your progress.
  • Commercial–From regular service to a one-time pickup, we’ve got commercial clients throughout Palm Beach County covered when it comes to waste management. 

When we provide removal services, we take on the responsibility of sorting everything to minimize landfill impact. We’ll separate items which are still in usable condition to be transported to charitable donation centers, then we’ll look for whatever recycling and repurposing facilities that exist to take the rest, even things like plastic bags and other film plastic, which Palm Beach County SWA Recycling does not accept.In the end, you’re left with a clean space and a clear conscience. Call us today to learn more about our focus on environmental responsibility, and to learn how we can help you turn a junk pile into a greener, more easily managed project in short order. With no strain on your back or the planet, we provide disposal services you can feel good about no matter how difficult the job or demanding the project.

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