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How to Dispose of a Couch Quickly and Easily

December 7, 2017.

After a long and productive life, is your couch ready for the Big Living Room in the Sky? Are you in the middle of an estate cleanout, with no real destination in mind for serviceable but unwanted furniture? No matter what your reason for getting rid of a sofa, it still presents a challenge. Unlike hard-surface furniture, upholstered pieces can be difficult to sell or donate due to the perceived risk of bedbugs or other hygiene concerns.

Of course, you want to do right by the environment when you dispose of a couch, chair or sofa set. While recycling an entire sofa can be a challenge, there are ways you can help to minimize your landfill impact if an item is too far gone for donation.

Disposal Options for Bulky Furniture

Many municipal waste management systems offer bulky item pickup, though sometimes it’s only offered on certain days or by appointment. This option can help you get rid of an old couch, but it likely means a trip straight to the landfill and you’ll still be required to haul a cumbersome piece of furniture out to the curb.

Recycling options for sofas and other soft furniture do exist, though it’s relatively rare to find a zero-waste recycling option for these items. Fortunately, there are some organizations that accept the polyurethane foam cushions.

If your sofa is bound for a donation center, you’re essentially facing the same challenges: how to get it out of your house and how to get it to the appropriate drop-off location. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have access to both a large truck and a group of loyal friends, you’re left holding the bag on your own. Of the charity donation centers that accept upholstered furniture, very few offer quick pickup services. In fact, you may find yourself waiting for weeks or even months for a charity truck to make its way to you. When you’re on a schedule and are ready to put the stress of furniture disposal behind you, this may not be the best choice.

Fortunately, there is an option for customers in the five boroughs and Nassau and Suffolk Counties when sofa disposal becomes too much of a burden.

Professional Assistance to Dispose of a Couch

In life, there are times to do it yourself, and there are times when it’s better to call in the professionals. When you hire a professional, you don’t have to invest hours into researching the rules and regulations put forth by your municipal waste management system. You don’t have to rent a truck or bribe your friends to help with the heavy lifting.

Our trained and experienced Jiffy Junk technicians are standing by to help you solve a sofa disposal dilemma with no stress and no worry. We’ll come to your home or place of business to remove an old sofa, then we’ll take it to the donation center of your choice. If your couch is no longer useful to anyone at all, we’ll place the highest priority on ethical disposal and recycling options first.

Call today: 844-543-3966.

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