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How to Dispose of an Old Sofa in Broward County

October 15, 2019.

Your sofa is your refuge from the world, a cozy spot for catnaps and television binges. When your time together inevitably ends, a sofa can also be one of the more difficult things to dispose of properly. Even when you’re dealing with items in like-new condition, the resale market can be spotty when it comes to used furniture. Unless you’re dealing with rare antiques or particularly unique pieces, it’s especially difficult to sell upholstered furniture. Damaged or worn items are sure not to sell, but they also won’t fit in a trash bin or in most vehicles for transportation off your property. 

 Figuring out how to dispose of an old sofa doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task, though. With a clear understanding of your Broward County disposal options, you can make an informed choice about the method best suited to your needs. Read on to learn how you can find a new home for an old sofa, regardless of its condition.

Cleaning with a Conscience: How to Dispose of an Old Sofa Ethically

There are many reasons why you might need to get rid of an old couch. Whether you’re just replacing worn-out furniture in a single room, you’re remodeling the entire house or you’re dealing with something as complex as hoarding mitigation, time is often of the essence. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to consider how various Broward County bulk disposal options will balance against your own looming deadlines.

On the municipal services front, Solid Waste and Recycling Services of Broward County crews do provide bulk collection once each month. These scheduled collection days allow residents to place items too large to fit into a curbside bin out for retrieval, including household items like furniture and appliances. Because this city-scheduled event happens but once per month, it can be difficult to align your schedule accordingly if you’re on a tight deadline. It’s also important to note that there are strict limits on what crews will accept. Construction and demolition debris of any kind will be rejected, as will any waste resulting from commercial activity. This includes hired lawncare or handyman repair services, not just large-scale commercial land clearing. 

Items deemed unfit for bulk collection will not be moved in order for crews to reach acceptable items, which can leave you with a large pile at the curb when the crews have come and gone. In the end, you could find yourself scrambling to meet collection dates and still paying for a private hauler to clean up after municipal crews. 

Another thing to consider before marshalling the energy to drag heavy furniture down to the curb: where your items end up when they’re driven away from your property. Regardless of condition, furniture and household items collected by municipal waste management crews are taken to the landfill. If you’re committed to doing what’s right for the planet and for the less fortunate in your community, this may simply not be acceptable. When it’s all said and done, municipal services can be difficult to line up with your own schedule and aren’t always the most ethical, environmentally or socially. 

Managing haul-away yourself gives you a far greater amount of control over where your items end up, but it requires a steep investment of time, physical labor and money. If you don’t own a truck, you’ll be on the hook for the rental, administrative and insurance fees, along with fueling costs. You will also be responsible for all of the manual labor, from dragging your old sofa out of the house to hefting it out of the truck at the drop-off center. For some, the physical requirements alone make this a far from ideal solution. 

Another option is to work with a local private hauler who shares your dedication to environmental and social responsibility. While it’s vital to carefully screen potential service providers to ensure they’re not making a beeline for the landfill from your driveway, it’s certainly possible to find an ethical waste management provider. Partnering with the right private service provider allows you to wholly outsource waste management for your entire project, not just a single piece of furniture. 

Choosing the Right Private Hauler to Dispose of Old Furniture

Anyone with a truck can pull up to collect items you’ve already taken down to the curb for them. At Jiffy Junk, we know our customers get the best value when they’re able to completely outsource waste management. There are plenty of items on your project checklist only you can manage; waste doesn’t have to be one of them. When you’re free to focus on the more pressing and specialized tasks, everything is more efficient and far less stressful.

Our white-glove service promise means we come to your home or place of business, ready to do all the manual labor. Our knowledgeable, heavily trained removal specialists will pick up that old sofa from where it currently sits, no need to drag it down to the curb. We’ll even uninstall old appliances if necessary or tear out old carpeting and padding for disposal. Along the way, we carefully examine items like furniture and household goods to evaluate their condition. If they’re still usable, they’re separated for transportation to local donation centers. Items we can’t donate, we recycle or seek out a sustainable disposal solution for that does not include the landfill, whenever possible. 

By working hard to minimize our own environmental impact, we’re able to pass a smaller footprint along to each and every one of our clients. We provide one-time cleanup or ongoing waste management, leaving cleaner spaces and cleaner consciences in our wake throughout Broward County. Together, we can help you take care of a single old sofa or do the hard work of full hoarding mitigation. 

Contact us today at Jiffy Junk to learn more about our white-glove service promise and our commitment to greener disposal. With a single phone call, you can make sure your project stays on track and on schedule. 

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