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How to Dispose of Furniture in a Rental

February 11, 2018.

Rentals serve important purposes. They’re temporary spaces that suit your current needs, but needs change and before you know it, your temporary space is cluttered and you need to pare down your furniture inventory. That’s OK! You’re ready for a fresh start…but what about all of that old furniture?

You know that flower-patterned sectional you got at a yard sale 4 years ago? Or the desk that’s missing screws, but you don’t know where they are and the drawer won’t open? What are you going to do with those?

Navigating the Disposal of Furniture

Furniture is, by nature, very large and sometimes difficult to maneuver. Scratches and scrapes end up on the walls, the floors, maybe even on you. Anyone who’s ever had busted up knuckles trying to get a piece of furniture around a corner knows all about it.

Your knuckles will take the rap so you do not drop it.

If the piece is not sturdy, there may be a trail of hardware and falling parts to watch out for and clean up after. How long is this going to take you? Consider your options.

Your Friends LOVE Moving Furniture

  1. Sure. You offered them cold beverages and pizza to get rid of that behemoth of a recliner, but you didn’t tell them that you don’t even know how you got it in. It’s bulky. It’s awkward. And now nobody likes you. They are demanding you pay their chiropractor bill. Keep your friends.


It’s an excellent way to dispose of furniture, but only if it’s in pretty decent condition.

You can call a charity to pick it up, but if it’s not of the quality they expect, it will be left at the curb, and navigating the walls and stairs to get it outside is still up to you.

Mother Nature is unpredictable too, so if you do finally haul it out there and it rains, you’re still stuck with it. Only this time it’s also wet. Ewww.

Details on Dumpsters

Most dumpsters are on private property, which goes hand-in-hand with rules and regulations. It may be tempting to drag your stuff to a dumpster, but most places have “dumping laws” specifically to avoid this, which could be a punishable offense. It all adds up to more trouble than it’s worth.

Size Matters

If you have very heavy or large items, size most definitely matters. Trying to move furniture with a lot of weight requires transportation that can support it and people to help with the load. Items like mattresses and bedroom furniture with their clumsy measurements can be difficult to handle and may even be dangerous in certain circumstances

If you’re wanting to dispose of furniture that is no longer of use to you, reach out to the professionals at Jiffy Junk.  We have the trucks, the people and the experience to get your stuff out fast. In addition to recycling, we also donate usable items, so it’s a triple win. Check us out and learn more about our White Glove Treatment.

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