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How to Dispose of Old Furniture

March 25, 2018.

Some things are disposable, designed for ease of recycling or to quickly break down in a landfill. Others are built to stand the test of time and refuse to go gently into that good night. Furniture definitely falls into the latter category.

When you’ve got furniture you no longer want or need, getting rid of it can feel like an insurmountable challenge. Unless you’re trying to find a new home for valuable antiques, you’re not likely to have much luck selling these items, especially upholstered ones like sofas and armchairs. You can’t very well haul them down to the curb and hope for the best, either. Depending on what you’re trying to get rid of and where you live, you may have to follow special guidelines just to avoid fines and citations.

Why Is It so Difficult to Dispose of Old Furniture and Appliances?

There are several reasons why it’s sometimes difficult to find a new home for old appliances and furniture. Upholstered items can be perceived as unhygienic to purchase used, simply because soft fabrics are difficult to clean and sanitize fully.

Shelves, tables and other large items may be easy to clean, but they’re also easy to purchase new in a relatively convenient flat-pack. When faced with a choice between assembling a new bookshelf that can be delivered in one easy box or hauling a huge piece of furniture from one location to the next, most people will choose the former.

Appliances are difficult to get rid of because there are a number of state, local and federal guidelines governing how and where they can be sold or thrown away. An old refrigerator, for instance, likely contains a phased-out coolant known to be environmentally hazardous.

Donation is always an option for items with useful life left, but donation centers that offer pickup services are quite rare. You’ll have to secure your own transportation for furniture or invest a significant amount of time into tracking down one which both benefits a cause you care about and offers pickup. Since these are so rare, you should expect to wait for an appointment, sometimes for weeks. If you’re on a tight deadline, this can completely disrupt your schedule.

Municipal waste management departments often offer a variety of bulk pickup options, but they may also require appointments and special arrangements far in advance of a pickup date. In the end, you may find it easier, more ethical and more convenient to work with an environmentally-responsible private hauling company.

Easy and Ethical Ways to Dispose of Old Furniture

You can spend days fielding ultimately fruitless requests for more information about furniture you have for sale or scouring the Internet for local charities that pick up donation items. Or, you can make one phone call to get rid of everything in your way easily, efficiently and ethically.

Our Jiffy Junk mission is to provide residential and commercial clients in all five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk Counties with environmentally-responsible and effective waste removal. This means we’ll come to your home or place of business to remove all your old furniture and any other waste, then we’ll take it to recycling or donation centers for you to minimize landfill impact. Our white-glove service promise means you never have to lift a finger, let alone a heavy sofa. We’ll even leave your space swept clean and dust-free, ready for anything you have planned.

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