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How to Dispose: Sofa, Dining and Bedroom Furniture Edition for Broward County

January 24, 2020.

Some things are easy to get rid of when they’re no longer useful. You tip them into the appropriate bin, and wheel it down to the curb for weekly pickup. Other things aren’t so easy. Figuring out how to dispose of sofa, dining room or bedroom sets can present a real challenge, especially when it’s only one part of a much larger project.

Whether you’re remodelling a single room, in the middle of a full hoarding mitigation project or somewhere in between, disposal is a vital part of any cleaning and organizing project. Accumulating debris, no matter how carefully sorted, quickly becomes a safety hazard and an overall impediment to productivity. You need to know where and how to dispose of furniture, appliances, household items and other high-volume waste in Broward County, so you can make an informed choice.

Weighing Your Options for How to Dispose of Sofa and Furniture Sets

When it comes to large-scale disposal, residents of Broward County have a few options from which to choose. For many, the first that comes to mind is municipal bulk hauling through the Solid Waste and Recycling Services of Broward County. After all, you’re already paying to fund these services — why not take advantage of them?

The truth is, municipal disposal is rarely the best option for bulk waste management. Couches and sofas, chairs, mattresses and many other types of furniture are accepted, but they’re not disposed of sustainably. Even items in good condition are taken to the nearest landfill, despite its “Mount Trashmore” nickname. Monarch Hill Renewable Energy Park, its official name, takes in an average of 3,500 tons of waste each day and towers more than 225 feet at its highest peak. The landfill emits such foul odors that lawsuits have been threatened even as extreme mitigation measures have failed; bulk pickup days increase the impact exponentially.

Environmental ethics aside, municipal services are available only one day per month, and only on a schedule set by Solid Waste and Recycling Services of Broward County. Unless you’re working with only self-imposed deadlines, or are fortunate enough to find your timeline matching up with that of municipal services, timing can often be an issue. It’s also important to note that while crews will collect furniture, appliances and some yard waste, they will not collect many other kinds of items.

For example, if your furniture disposal is part of a remodeling project that has also resulted in construction debris, haulers will not collect this particular waste. They will also refuse excessive plant matter or landscaping debris resulting from the clearing or development of land. Any materials and waste resulting from commercial operations, from home repairs to lawn care services, is also forbidden. You may not place automotive or marine parts, including mounted tires, large truck tires, bodies, engines, batteries or transmissions out for collection.

With so many concerns about where your waste might end up and what might not be collected at all, it can be tempting to consider another option: do-it-yourself hauling. This is particularly true if you have access to a suitable vehicle. If not, you’re on the hook for truck rental, insurance and administrative fees, not to mention fueling costs, right off the bat. Later, you’ll be responsible for not just all the heavy lifting, but also all the route planning to accommodate multiple trips to many locations. You can easily invest entire days of your time into just trying to manage trash. This is time you’re not able to focus on other tasks crucial to your project, things only you can handle.

This is why, in most cases, it’s more efficient and often more cost-effective to work with a reputable private hauler. If you choose one with a focus on environmental responsibility, it can also be the most ethical and sustainable choice.

Quick, Easy and Ethical Furniture Disposal

There are so many things on your checklist to manage; how many of them can truly be outsourced? Hauling away unwanted and unneeded items is one of the few tasks on a big cleaning job you can leave to someone else, especially when you work with a company that focuses on the planet.

At Jiffy Junk, we believe in caring for the planet as well as we care for our customers. When we come to your Broward County home or place of business, we take the time to separate items in usable condition for transportation to local donation centers. This serves to not only divert them from an already overcrowded local landfill, but also to keep serviceable items in reach of those in need. Anything we can’t donate, we seek to dispose of in the most sustainable possible way, in order to minimize our landfill impact at every turn.

As part of our white-glove promise, we take all the work out of disposal. Our highly trained removal technicians will remove heavy furniture from its current position — forget dragging items down to the curb. We’ll even tear out old carpeting you’ve been meaning to get rid of and uninstall the appliances you’ve marked for disposal. No heavy lifting required on your part, and no days lost to taking out the trash.

Best of all, we work around your schedule. You never have to worry about missing a deadline because you’re waiting for a monthly municipal pickup date, or racing to beat the clock in a rented truck. With a single phone call, we can take all the stress and all the worry out of wondering how to dispose of sofa, bedroom and dining room furniture sets. When it’s all said and done, we’ll leave your space swept clean and free of any lingering cobwebs, so you can get ready for anything you have planned.

You can also enjoy the freedom of reclaimed space with a clear conscience, knowing your discarded items were disposed of as ethically and sustainably as possible. Call us today to learn more about our white-glove promise.

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