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Tips on How to Remove a Jacuzzi

June 1, 2017.

Whether your jacuzzi started leaking or it hasn’t run in years and you can’t stand the sight of it anymore, one thing is for sure: You need to get it out of your backyard and your life.

The only problem is that a pro team often installs jacuzzis and it may be difficult to remember what they had to do to get it on your property or in your house in the first place. (Not to mention that they are extremely heavy and cumbersome to carry).

Here are some tips on how to remove a jacuzzi properly and safely.

The Basics

When you’re figuring out how to get rid of a jacuzzi, the first thing you need to do is find and read any instruction manual you may have that could potentially have disassembling instructions. Then you’ll want to check that both the water and electrical systems are disconnected. Ensure that all plug-ins are disconnected and that any heating system or pump is disconnected as well.

After that, you’ll want to drain all of the water out of the tub. Tightly connect a garden hose to the drain valve and see that all or most of the water seeps out. If there’s any water left that won’t drain out,  soak it up with a towel or get a wet vac to  remove the remainder.

Unless you are going to be giving the hot tub to someone else or selling it, don’t worry about disassembling it cautiously since it won’t be used anymore. After unplugging everything and draining out the water, you’ll need to remove the skirt that goes over the jacuzzi. Typically, you’ll just need to take a standard screwdriver to the skirt to remove it, but read over your instruction manual for directions if necessary.

What to Do with a Jacuzzi After Disassembling

Now that you have everything disassembled, you have to figure out what to do with this large piece of equipment. Jacuzzis are extremely heavy and it takes a whole team of people to lift it into a truck.

Instead of doing the backbreaking work to lift it, finding a truck, and figuring out where to dispose of the it,  you should consider calling a professional.

Here at Jiffy Junk, we offer appliance removal services that will save you time and strength when trying to dispose of large cumbersome objects. Our team will get the job done quickly and have all of the tools needed to break it down if it is too large to fit through a door or gate.

Have a question about our services or need something else hauled away? Our professional and friendly staff are here to answer all of your questions. Give us a call today at (844) 543-3966 or click on the “Get Pricing” button below to get a quote!

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