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Is It Possible to Hoard Too Much Furniture?

December 24, 2020.

Stockpiling a vast amount of things, especially furniture, around the house is a fairly common habit. It is not unusual for people to be lured by sales. Hence, it is understandable why you feel compelled to buy something even if you don’t truly need it. Unfortunately, before you realize it, you are surrounded by piles of things that no longer spark joy. If you have a compulsive hoarding issue, it could adversely affect your lifestyle. After all, clutter is not just an eyesore, but it seriously weighs down your mind and affects your disposition. Thankfully, you can call professionals like Jiffy Junk to help with furniture removal. 

Yes, you need to declutter and organize your house so that you can feel lighter. With a more peaceful home environment, you can build happier memories. If you have a hoarder’s mentality, it is time to crush the compulsion to collect stuff. Hoarding is vastly different from collecting. Collectors take pride in their collections and keep them organized. They make calculated purchases and buy only those that add value.

In contrast, hoarders just collect furniture and other trinkets for the heck of it. You’ll find their spaces untidy and disorganized. Noteworthy, the studies indicate that hoarding falls under an obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD, which is a mental condition. 

The Reasons People Hoard Stuff

People stockpile furniture and random things in their house for various reasons. If you find yourself stuck in this situation, you need to call a furniture removal or junk specialist to help you stay organized. A supportive, professional time can help you stay organized. After all, it may be difficult for you to part with your things, so you need an unbiased partner to sort through stuff. If you feel baffled about how your life turned out this way, there could be several reasons: 

1. Shopaholic Tendencies

Some people just love sales with shopaholic tendencies that cannot say no to any kind of discount. Buying gives them a high and makes them feel good. Even if they don’t need anything, they buy it as long as there is a markdown. If you fall under this category, you must be proactive in curbing your spending. Learn to differentiate your needs from wants. 

2. Lack of Home Management Skills

For others, it is a serious lack of home management skills. They don’t know how to organize their house. After they buy furniture and trinkets, they feel a sense of loss on how to make them look visually appealing and tidy. Most just end up chucking stuff in the basement or attic. If you find yourself in this scenario, a furniture removal company like Jiffy Junk can help you sort through stuff. 

3. Misplaced Sentimentality

Other people just have a misplaced feeling of sentimentality. They form attachments to things and can’t bear to part with them even if they no longer serve a purpose. They hate tossing things they paid for and convince themselves that these items shall become useful again one day. When you find yourself in this scenario, you need to evaluate your possessions. Do they truly hold precious memories, or are you merely hanging on for superficial reasons? If you find yourself making flimsy excuses, then you need to seriously consider decluttering before you are buried alive by unnecessary things in your own home.

The Need for Decluttering and Home Organization

It would help if you found time to do a major spring cleaning at least twice a year. This means tackling your home from top to bottom. This includes furniture removal and taking out junk that you no longer need. This allows you to tackle all the grime and clutter that builds up outside the bounds of your usual cleaning routine. Here’s why you need to declutter. 

1. Preventing Accidents 

A cluttered home provides the perfect setup for accidents, with primary outcomes such as trips and falls. It is time to kick the clutter habit to minimize these kinds of accidents in your house. When there is no place to move because of too much furniture and trinkets, of course, people in your house will struggle to go on about their daily lives. It just makes more sense to opt for furniture removal, along with taking out any unsightly mess. 

2. Improves Home Air Quality

Houses filled to the rafters with big furniture and small bric-a-brac often possess very poor air quality. If you find yourself in this situation, consider unloading all your junk because you are living with dust collectors. Most likely, you have a large infestation of dust mites in your home. These microscopic arthropods don’t leave marks when they bite you, but they cause skin irritation. Most of all, dust just triggers respiratory issues, allergies, and asthma. If you truly love your family, it is time for junk and furniture removal. 

3. Decreased Risk of Fire

Junk equates to fire hazards. With so much furniture, kitschy items, and other stuff, your home becomes susceptible to flames. Remember, wood, paper, fabric, and other materials hold intrinsic flammable properties. Should there be an accidental fire, all of your junk will feed the flames. Worst-case scenario: your clutter may prevent a quick exit and cost you your life. 

4. Increased Home Property Value

When you have a neat and tidy home, you increase its property valuation. After all, an unsightly house looks like a dumpster. In the latter scenario, your children may even feel embarrassed to invite their friends over because your house looks and feels like trash. This is simply no way to live a quality life!

5. Promotes a Calm Mind

Finally, one of the most important benefits of cleaning includes promoting a calm state of mind. Remember, a cluttered house equates to a cluttered mind. All of that mess will undoubtedly influence your well-being. If you want a more sound and safe living environment for your family, you need to start decluttering ASAP. Above all, cleaning is energizing and motivating because it always feels good to make a fresh start. 

The Signs That Show You Have a Hoarding Problem

If you find yourself in the midst of a huge mess and don’t know where to start, consider calling our junk and furniture removal company at Jiffy Junk. We know what to do so you can kick start a brighter and lighter life without unneeded and unwanted clutter! How do you know you need professional help? Take a look at the following scenario:

  • Too much furniture takes up your space.
  • Your closet is bursting at the seams with stuff you don’t wear.
  • Containers full of crap block your attic, garage, and basement.
  • The house feels cramped, with no more space to move around.
  • You feel weighed down and depressed in your own home. 
  • No one wants to come to visit you because they feel stifled. 
  • You feel desperate for relief but have no clue how to fix it.
  • There is just an overflow of things everywhere!

Top Tips to Declutter Your Home with Furniture Removal

If you find yourself in the scenario mentioned above, then yes, you have a hoarding problem. Now, you must kick the habit to the curb and declutter. You can call a furniture removal company like ours at Jiffy Junk. We also rent bins to help you collect and take away all your junk to make your decluttering a breeze! Here’s how to make your mission easy to accomplish:

1. Tackle One Area 

It may seem overwhelming to clean up an entire house. When you analyze the situation, the task of furniture removal and organizing everything just feels daunting. However, if you tackle one area at a time and break it into smaller tasks, the job won’t feel too much of a chore. Create a cleaning schedule and tackle each room within a given time frame. This strategy ensures you can succeed because it provides a more manageable method for you to handle all the areas of your home.

2. Give Yourself Time

Pressure builds up when you feel weighed by the time element. However, I do recall that famous saying that Rome was not built in a day. By the same token, you accumulated all your stuff through the years. Of course, it will take time to sort through them all. Remember, your task does not fall under a contest. Give yourself ample time to organize everything, so you don’t become discouraged. 

3. Assess Your Things

When you begin, make three piles: for donation, for keeping, and for throwing. Go through your items. A good strategy includes being tough and decisive. Ask yourself if you’ve used the item in the past year. If the answer is NO, chances are you won’t use it at all. When it comes to furniture removal and discarding junk you don’t need, be merciless. If you see yourself being burdened by all the trash, you must make quick decisions to free yourself. 

4. Get a Supportive Team

It would help if you could surround yourself with a supportive team. Call a friend to help you out, so you finally maintain order and cleanliness in your life. You can also seek the help of a professional furniture removal specialist like Jiffy Junk to help you unload the big things. Our reputable and fully-vetted team members will get the broken furniture and appliances you’ve been clinging onto. We can help you bring everything to the recycling facility. As such, you can rest assured that all your junk won’t litter up mother earth. We follow strict environmental protocols when it comes to junk disposal. 

How to Prevent This Same Problem 

When you’ve finally freed up your space thanks to furniture removal and clutter organization, you must work hard to ensure that you no longer fall back on the same habits. Remember, all it takes is a few months for new crap to invade your house once again. If you want to ensure that your home will always be spic and span, follow these tips diligently. 

1. Commit a Cleaning Schedule to Paper

Write things down on paper. When you have a contract with yourself, you will feel embarrassed to deviate from it. Make sure that you write a detailed checklist and schedule. For example, Saturday night is for deep cleaning bathrooms and shower rooms while Sunday is for dusting. Place this list somewhere visible so you can be accountable. If you do it this way, you cannot disregard your commitment.

2. Resist Buying Stuff You Don’t Need

Re-frame your mind and tell yourself to buy only the things that you need. Remind yourself why you engage in this new habit! You do it for your children. Firstly, you don’t want them to grow up in a cluttered home. Secondly, you want to model good habits and behavior. And above all, you want to save as much money as you can for more important priorities. The last thing you need is to be in debt for more clutter. 

3. Keep a Clean Supply Nearby

If you have cleaning supplies stocked under your sink, you will feel more motivated to keep your regular cleaning schedule. After all, everything you need is right there. Buy glass cleaners and dust busters. Make sure your vacuum cleaner has a HEPA or allergen filter to catch tiny particulate matter. This ensures your house remains squeaky, neat and clean. 

4. Doing Spring Cleaning Twice a Year

Apart from your regular cleaning schedule, it would be best if you did an overhaul twice a year. Do a thorough spring cleaning to ensure that things don’t pile up. And remember, when you are using cleaning supplies and dusting, always open a window for air circulation. You need careful organization and maintenance to ensure that clutter doesn’t creep back into your life again!

Final Wrap Up

When the amount of stuff you’ve accumulated already affects your relationships and quality of life, it is time to call a furniture and junk removal specialist. Straighten up your home and your life! You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to keep an organized, calm, and peaceful house. If you need help, we at Jiffy Junk have the tools and skills to get your home back on track.

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